Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Weekend fun

We have been trying to soak up the last days of summer. I know that technically the summer doesn't end until Sept. 21 St but we all seem to end it after labor day. Everybody goes back to work and school.

We went to Coney Island with Gay and Adrian. We swam in the nice calm water while watching the rides on the board walk. From what I hear the board walk is going to be turned into a mini mall so we wanted to check it out before it is all gone. There is nothing like a Nathan's hotdogs with sea water.

I also wanted to let you know that I added a new link >> It is Ben's site for his film Second Banana. I plan to add more links. You should feel free to check out his sight. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

We also had the girls over for an inside picnic. Gay, Diane and Adrian came over and we had a great time. I made some delicious wraps with a very light salad but full of taste. For desert I made peanut butter jelly bars. I got all of it from the barefoot Contessa. If it is something you like you should definitely copy this recipe and give it a try. We devoured everything. Check out this site to get the Panzanella salad and bars. If you make it be sure to let me know what you think. Sorry no photos, we were having to much fun to remember the camera.

Coolidge and I are becoming regulars at the Natural History Museum. We went again and he loved every minute of it. I am looking into getting a membership for our family. I plan to start taking him every Monday because they offer a class for kids that I feel he would enjoy. It is also great for a rainy day activity.

Looking forward to this Labor day weekend and will post again.


  1. zhanna4:24 PM

    We've had a membership to the Natural history museum for the past year. Slater loves going there. The membership certainly gets you through the lines faster but I don't know how useful it is at this age. The museum is pay what you want anyway (though they won't let you do it at the kiosks so you have to stand in line) so we're not saving money on admission. It saves money on the special shows but all the permanent museum stuff is still new and interesting to him so I may wait a couple of years to do another membership. Once he's ready for the planetarium and the special exhibits and workshops then the savings will really be worth it.

  2. Christie7:02 PM

    Looks good. Keep up the info. I love the receipe idea. Who gave that to you. heheh Anyhow check ya later