Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Summer heat

We are experiencing a very long summer. I remember wanting summer to be here because I was tired of the cold weather and now I am dying for it to end. I am over shorts, tank tops and sweating from head to toe. Coolidge on the other hand is loving any weather that allows him to climb all over the jungle gym. As you can see in the photo I put here.

We had a good weekend. We spent most of the day at the Abel-Bey's on Sunday. I was inspired to get my video camera out because I found a video I made in 1998. I was very cool to see how we have all changed and how we are still very much the same. So I video taped Coolidge and Adrian riding their bikes. I can't say I have ever seen Coolidge want to ride his bike that much. The girls are all doing well. Dianne just recently was given permanent teaching certification in NY state and city. Anyone who understands the work that is involved would appreciate how difficult that was for her. We are very proud. Adrian is back in school starting the fourth grade this year. He seems to like his new teacher. He is an amazing kid and has a vocabulary that will knock you off your socks.

Right now we are having our primary elections. I am curious of who will be going up against Bloomberg. I can't say I was a huge fan of Bloomberg especially because he put taxes back on clothes. We'll see.

Films of the week:

We saw a couple of movies this last week. Maestro which was a documentary on two underground clubs in NYC in the 80's. It was pretty horrible. We turned it off pretty early because the cinematography was god awful. Can't say I recommend it. We also saw Hidalgo. It was not great but much better. I have to say it dragged in many places but had some very intense scenes that kept you watching. For those who have kids 5 and older. I would definitely recommend it. It had a very Disney feel to it.

Myth or Fact

I have also been reading the book "You the owners manual. I refer to it whenever I am wondering about my body and just how it works. It is very easy read and informative. I read an interesting fact that I would like to share. I had heard that we only use a small portion of our brain. Well according to this book that is a myth. It says, "Actually you use all of you brain; you just use different parts at different times. If we didn't need all of our brains, evolution would have made sure to develop smaller ones. But of the 100 billion neurons floating around your neurological galaxy, be assured you're using every one of them."


I also have a new link. I have added my brother-in-law, Henry's blog. You should really check it out. He always has some very informative information. It is nice to check him out because he always gives me the republican's point of view.


  1. Christie3:59 PM

    Hey this blog is getting pretty good. I love your movie and facts section. Keep that up! I will check out Hildalgo. My kids love action movies. I busted Henry's chops about posting comments. I bet there will be one coming your way.... hehehe

  2. Much better Andrea. Getting some meat in the ol' blog. Thanks for mentioning my blog NWWOODS (little self-promotion there) although I'd say it carries a conservative point of view rather than a Republican one.

  3. Christie6:59 PM

    Yes. Conservative Republican call it what it is! :)Hey what I see is two pictures one of Coolidge and one of Coolidge and Adrian. Is there more??

  4. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Well I am very impressed that my gorgeous nieces have the these incredible blogs. I just returned from my annual week in Monterey and am not quite up on all the current news. I will say this though, that there was a wedding in the Northwest as Shannon and Richard were joined in wedded bliss. Very exciting!

    Keep all of the pictures coming as Heather and I are living vicariously through you guys.

    As always,

    Unca R.