Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all. This was Coolidge's third Halloween. He seems to enjoy it more and more every year. He is very interested in spiders and all sorts of critters so I found it to be very fitting that he was a spider for Halloween. Thank you to Henry( his cousin) for letting him borrow it. We went to a Halloween festival where he painted pumpkins, masks, made cookies and had his face painted.

We were invited to our friends house for trick or treating today. Coolidge met all of his friends to run up and down the hallways and knock on doors for some yummy candy. He did the same thing last year. It was great to see how different the kids were this year. Watching Coolidge enjoy all the fun of Halloween has made me feel like a kid all over again. It was my first year experiencing city trick or treating. We went into different shops where Coolidge went up to employees and said trick or treat. Each store had a bowl of candy that they had set aside to give kids candy. Very different from Seattle. Ben went to a Halloween party yesterday. He had the perfect costume of a Buddhist monk. I didn't get a photo but when my friends give me theirs I will post it.


We tried to watch some scary movies this weekend but failed. We watched the movie "White Noise." It was an interesting idea but the story was put together poorly. They made it very difficult to get close to the characters. It isn't something I recommend seeing.


  1. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Tell Coolidge he is a very special spider. I bet it was fun watching him trick or treat. Everyday seems to be fun for you with him. I love our conversations on the phone. He is getting so good relating his feelings. You both are very lucky to have Coolidge in your life as I am also. Love Grandma and Mom

  2. Christie11:02 AM

    Happy Halloween to Coolidge!Hope all is well. I love the costume on him. He is darling. My kids have so much candy I have to take some of his hands. Love you guys -christie