Wednesday, November 09, 2005

It is already November and now Thanksgiving is approaching. It is amazing how fast time is flying by. This is a picture of Coolidge enjoying his Halloween tricks. We found these fake teeth and he loves to wear them. Halloween is over but we are still eating candy and enjoying dress- up. The weather here has been very warm. Many of days I haven't even needed a coat. It is sort of like an Indian summer. I am trying not to complain because before I know it we will have the frigid cold snowy weather.

I have a new discovery I want to share with you. I watched Oprah and they were discussing Global warming. I don't' know if you caught this episode but it was quite interesting. Some of the tips they had were things I didn't know much about. The one that is impressed me the most was the lightbulbs they recommend using. They said, " According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), if every American household replaced 5 of their current light bulbs with 5 compact fluorescent light bulbs, it would save as much energy as if we took 8 million cars of the roads." Not to say that didn't impress me but what really got me was they said you will save 65% on your electricity bill at the least. I don't know about you but I could use the savings. I guess the light bulbs are about $10 each but in the long run saves you more money. If you know anything about them I would love to hear it. I personally have never used them but am looking into it.


We saw the movie "Lords of Dogtown." We enjoyed it and recommended it to some of our netflix friends. It is great to see how Skateboarding became so popular and who was responsible. I felt it was well done and entertaining. I give it 3 stars.


  1. Hi Missy - just thought I'd check in you and your family! Sounds like everything is fantastic. Wanted to recommend an AMAZING movie, since you guys seem to love watching films...if you haven't seen it alreay, you MUST see Kung Fu Hustle. SO fabulous. It is beautiful and hilarious and clever and so wonderful! SEE IT. Also, regarding Lords of Dogtown, you must see the documentary that LOD is based on. It's super cool to see the old footage of the surfing and skating, and the interviews with the people who virtually founded the skating subculture. Dogtown and Z Boys, I think it's called (or some variation of that). Anway, glad to hear you are all well, and hope to see you next time either of us is on the other's coast. loads of love and kisses, kelly rudhe

  2. Hi Guys,
    We've used flourescents for quite a few years and they are getting better all the time. They come in lots of sizes and strengths now. They work best where there is some ventilation since can get too hot and malfunction. Also, you might not want one where you eat because flourescent light can make food look kind of unappealing. We tried one over our kitchen table and changed it out after a day or two. Pretty sure it wasn't my cooking.

    Lastly, while changing your lightbulbs might not make New York or the world much cooler, it might offset some of the hot air coming from Oprah.....yeah....I said it!

  3. Oprah Rocks Dude!

  4. It is wonderful to see a comment from Kelly. Not many friends of mine have felt the urge to chime in. Thanks for the movie recommendation. I will check it out. I already have the doc film about LOD on its way. Keep checking in and leaving your comments. It is the whole reason I started this blog.

  5. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Great picture but cannot see the teeth. I use the light bulbs where I can but because of the fixtures in my house I am unable. I got my last package at Costco and I think they were much cheaper. Just a thought. Love MOM and grandma

  6. Christie9:51 PM

    Hey I would just make sure the light blubs are not put in table lamps, we did that and they over heated and melted the plastic base. I have Lords of Dogtown on my Qu. I am glad you are getting more comments and your blog. I love reading all of it. Keep up the good work