Sunday, November 27, 2005

We're having a baby!

Yes it is official Coolidge will soon have a baby brother or sister. Right now the baby is about 1 1/2 inches long and is due to enter this world June 14th 2006. We are very excited to have another little one in our home. We don't plan to find out the sex. We had a lot of fun finding out during the birth of Coolidge that I think we will wait once again. So far this pregnancy has been different from Coolidge. Quite a bit of morning sickness. I still get a little nauseas right around 11:00 am. My body also seems to be changing a lot faster than the last time. I saw the doctor last week and everything is going well. I will keep everyone updated on my blog so tune if for info if you are wondering.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. We had a wonderful time at Maureen and Allan's house. As usual they had a wonderful spread of food along with great people to chat with. It was a long weekend for me. It was great to spend time hanging with my family and getting some baking and cooking in. I made an apple pie and have to say it turned out amazing. I also got some Christmas shopping in and finally was able to buy some gifts. We are spending the holiday in Seattle this year. It is going to be great to spend Christmas and the New Year with my family. Coolidge is really starting to understand Christmas this year and can't wait to see Grandma's big tree.

We have a tree in our lobby that Coolidge can't pass without touching and talking about each of the ornaments. It will be a lot of fun to see him react to all the traditions we have been doing with him over the past Christmas holidays. He is already enjoying the baking. Here is a photo of him helping me peel the apples. My sister gave me a great device for Christmas last year that peels, cores and slices the apple all at once. It helps making apple pie or apple sauce a breeze.

We also had our friends over for a breakfast playdate. It was great to get the gang together. Since Fall began we have all been very busy and not been able to get all the kids together to play and interact. So I hosted a breakfast and it was a blast. It is something I hope we can do once a month.


  1. Congrats Girl!!!! So much fun having two...I will write more when I have time. Glad you had a nice Turkey day. Love Jen E

  2. Anonymous9:39 AM

    I just love your blog, Andrea. It is so fun to read.
    Well, Congratulations(officially) tee hee.
    I with you darlin'.
    Hope this week you feel great.
    Thanks for the breakfast again, was great.
    See you in the park.
    Petra xo

  3. Christie11:40 AM

    Looks like you are really busy! Can't wait for you to come home. We are really looking forward to it. Congrat's on the baby. We can't wait for Coolidge to spend a X-mas with us. Kendal is calling Henry.."Harry" because that is what it sounds like when Coolide says his name. That boy several aka's. Well lots of love your way!

  4. Congratulations!!! How exciting :) Great blog...I love the URL name, and it was fun to read what you've been up to. I LOVE all the photos. Coolige is absolutely ADORABLE. Post more! Congrats again, and take care :) Love, Victoria

  5. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Andrea that was a great idea to e-mail everybody about your blog. It reminded folks. I say congratulations on the baby and can't wait to see Coolidge's reaction to the tree. Only 25 days till I get to hold all of you. Love Mom and Grandma

  6. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Wow, another one on the way. I wish you all the best. I won't be headed home to Seattle for the holidays until next year...I'm jealous. Oh well. Working in Queens now on another project...think of you from time to time and I hope we can get together sometime after the holidays. Thanks for keeping me posted in the meantime. Love, Lisa