Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I have officially started my second trimester. I am no longer feeling sick and the fatigue is not nearly as bad as it was. My belly has popped and I am already in maternity clothes. Coolidge has been told that he has a brother or sister on the way. He loves to kiss my belly but gets upset when he can't see the baby. It is weird how I am not in a hurry with this pregnancy. I officially can drink coffee again. Up until about 11 weeks even the smell of coffee made me nauseas.

This week we are taking Coolidge to get his photo taken with Santa at Macy's. I am excited to see how he responds this time around. They have a whole winter land that the kids get to interact with before they see Santa.

We also have a celebration with the Harbus family this Friday. Every year Ellen and Fred take us to dinner and celebrate the holiday season. We look forward to it and Coolidge just likes any excuse to see Carolyn and play with her horses.

The Abel-Bey gang is coming over for an early Christmas celebration this Saturday. We are pretending it is Christmas with dinner and gifts because we will soon be leaving for Seattle. Coolidge can't wait for Adrian to come over and open gifts.

We celebrated Edie's 3 rd birthday this last Sunday. It was a lot of fun to have all the kids together to play and sing songs. Happy Birthday Edie, We love you. Edie will be joining Coolidge to see Santa. It will be Edie's first time to check out the Macy's winter land.

Last but by far not least, Happy Birthday to my Best Friend Aj. Her birthday is tomorrow December 14th. We love you and miss you like crazy. Can't wait for you to come to NYC.