Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Happy New Year!

I hope all of my friends and family had a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year. We had a great time spending the holidays with my family in Seattle. We spent Christmas eve with my Dad, Sue, brother, sisters and all the kids. We each chipped in to make a wonderful feast. We mostly sat around eating and catching up on how we are all doing. It was a wonderful night. Kendal showed us her new skills on the key boards by playing a number of Christmas songs. I am so proud of her. It is nice to see a child who actually enjoys the lessons. It was wonderful to see Coolidge play with his Seattle cousins because he doesn't get to see them all that often. He has really become one of the boys.

We spent Christmas at my mom's house. It was the first time in a long time that I actually woke up at my mom's house. It was nice to have her see Coolidge open up his presents. It was also the first time my mom and I made a holiday dinner together. I made the turkey and she made most the fixings. I am very proud of my turkey. You can see a photo of it on my brother-in-laws blog nwoods. Just click on the link to the right and check that bird out. Everyone was ooh and awing over my Martha Stewart 101 turkey. It was also our first Christmas without Jerry. He was sure missed. I do know he was there in spirit and was praising me on my fabulous bird and my mom's stuffing. We love you Jerry.

We also did some shopping mostly returns and exchanges. We also made time to see some movies. We took the kids to see Narnia. They had read the book and wanted us to join them for the movie. It was a lot of fun and quite scary in some scenes. It reminded me of Lord of the Rings in many ways but not nearly as good. We also went to see King Kong. This time no kids. I wouldn't recommend taking any child under 13 years old. I don't scare easily but I was pretty frightened in some scenes. It had some amazing shots of the NYC and the animals were so realistic you would never know it was created on a computer. I definitely recommend it.

our NewYears wasn't anything to talk about. Coolidge and I got the stomach flu and spent the evening on the couch. I was really bummed because it isn't often I get to have a night out with a built in babysitter. I had plans that were set months ago and couldn't even think of getting up to get a drink of water. Luckily it only lasted a day for Coolidge and three for me. Oh well there will be many more.

It was great to get some quality time with my family. I hope all of my family and friends had a good one and that this year brings nothing but wonderful things for you all.


  1. Christie1:09 AM

    Andrea you have some really nice photos can you put them on snap fish so I can get copies. I so enjoyed your visit and look forward to your visit in March. -ME

  2. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Im glad to here you had fun spending the Holidays in Seattle we were all so glad to spend time with you and catch up! Please send more pictures I enjoy looking at them - Love ya Lindsy

  3. Anonymous9:57 PM

    I have no idea how I got such beautiful daughters and grandchildren, must come from your dad. I love you MOM!!! Bonnie