Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Party, Party, Party!

Since my last post we have celebrated many birthdays. The first of this month was our little friend Emma. She turned 3 on May 4th. We were unable to celebrate with her because she now lives in Belgium. We were thinking of her and her wonderful parents Jean-Christoph and Fabienne. We hope they had a great party. xoxo We sure do miss you guys.

Coolidge has another little buddy who just turned 4. Belen invited us to her birthday in Central Park and Coolidge had a blast playing games and running around with his friends. I can't believe how much they are all growing.

My sister Christie also just celebrated a birthday on May 8th. She is coming to visit us soon and we plan to party with her then. She will be joining us Memorial day weekend and we hope to get in as much fun as possible before the baby arrives. Christie didn't seem too excited to celebrate her birthday this year because of her age but she should because she is gorgeous and a wonderful wife and mother. I am so proud of her and can't wait to wrap my arms around her.

We also have two great friends who just got married on May 13th. Katie and Bobby tied the knot in Tennessee and we unfortunately were unable to attend the beautiful ceremony because of my pregnancy. I am sure it was a beautiful because Katie told me all about it at her wedding shower. We wish them all the best and can't wait to hear the details when they return from their honeymoon in Morocco.

On the same day Gay, Susan, Mitzi and Nicola all pitched in to throw me a beautiful baby shower at the Abel-Bey home. They must of worked there butt's off because they made it the most wonderful experience. It is nice to have a family as caring as they are. The weather turned out to be sunny but not too hot and everyone who came brought such wonderful gifts. I thank everyone who was able to make it. Especially my best-friend Aj. Nicola and Ben worked on getting Aj to come for the weekend as a surprise. And let me tell you I was in shock. I never thought I would have her there with me and her precious little baby girl Lily. I have such wonderful people in my life and I truly feel blessed.

Today is my Step mom's birthday. Happy birthday, Sue Poo. This is an old photo from Christmas but it is all I have. She is doing great and unfortunately will will not be able to celebrate with her until this summer. She too didn't seem thrilled about this birthday but she like Christie should be happy because they both look and feel great. We love

you and miss you. Looking forward to seeing in this August.

I am currently 36 weeks and just started my ninth month. The baby weighs about 6 lbs and starting next week she could come anytime and be considered full term. My allergies have subsided and I am feeling much better because of it. I am not getting much sleep at night but I am sure that will help me for after the baby comes. We all know that sleep is no longer in my future for awhile. I have a feeling she is coming early but not too early because I plan to hang with my sister and do a little pampering before my little princess joins our family.


  1. Anonymous11:05 PM

    That was the first picture I have seen of you pregnant and I have to say you look beautiful. I love you MOM!!!

  2. Christie1:44 AM

    I would agree! You look great. I am looking forward to spending some quality time with you. Big news for Little Bran Muffin Congrats little sis! You too will have to start a blog to keep us up on the details! -Christie

  3. Lindsy1:21 PM

    Thanks for the picture finally! Glad to here all is well, wish I could be there for you when the baby is born, but Im sure you guys will do great! I would also like to say congrats to bran!

  4. Christie11:18 PM

    Andrea your blog is pretty empty since you had a baby in June I think you need to put some photos and give the scoop. Henry did his. -Later me