Saturday, December 02, 2006


Last Month we had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My mom came and stayed with us for a week. During her stay we had great weather which allowed us to get out and do a little shopping. Coolidge and Brody loved having Grandma here every morning. Coolidge got to show Grandma his new school and the playground that we were eagerly waiting to open. It is open now and we are happy to be connected to our friends once again. She also had her first trip out to Queens where Ben grew up. Gay, Adrian and Susan made a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and my mom got to meet some of Ben's relatives that were unable to attend our wedding.

My mom was a great help to me during her stay. My house hasn't been that orderly and clean since the last time she was here. It was great to have the extra help. It was too bad that she couldn't be here for Christmas we will miss her.

December is here and we have been quite busy getting ready for Christmas. Today we took the kids to see Santa at Macy's. Coolidge was just getting over the flu and was a little scared of the winter wonderland that you get to see and enjoy before you meet Santa. He told Santa what he wanted and Brody didn't know what to think. It was great to see their expressions.

Brody is now 6 months old and is able to get up on all fours for about a minute and then collapses. He is very mobile. He rolls over from front to back and back to front. He loves to scoot backwards and now is pulling forward with his arms. His favorite activity is to have Ben build a tower so he can knock it down. We started feeding him solids a couple of weeks ago. He makes quite the mess but he loves holding the spoon and feeling the texture of cereal between his fingers.

We got our Christmas tree the first weekend of the month. Coolidge just loved picking it out and looking at all the decorations. He rearranges the ornaments on a daily basis and loves to tell Ben where daddy's present is more than twice a day. He is very excited and can't wait for Christmas day.

Ben and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary this month. I can't believe we have been together for 10 years. It seems just like yesterday that I met my handsome loving husband in Sapphire bar and lounge. I have to say I am the luckiest woman to have a wonderful husband who loves us so very much. Hopefully we will be able to get a sitter and and celebrate properly. (hint hint, Nicola ha ha.)

I also wanted to say Happy Birthday to another wonderful man, Jerry. He too was a wonderful father and husband. We miss him and think about him daily.

Merry Christmas to all our family and friends. I will write another blog after the New Year. Be safe.