Tuesday, January 23, 2007


We have quite a bit going on lately so I thought I would create a new post. It has suddenly become winter here in NY. I know you Seattle folks don't want to read about me complaining, but it is rough when you are stuck in a tiny apartment for long periods of time with two rambunxious boys. Brody has become more active so he likes to get out and move around, but he can't do much moving around when I have him wrapped up like the little boy on the "Christmas Story."

On the flip side we are very busy so we don't have to think about it too much. Coolidge is going to school 3 days a week and loves it. He has been coming home singing new songs that he learned. He also told me what he learned about Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosie's seat. It took me a moment, but I did figure out who Rosie is. I have been touring some schools for him to go to next year. It is crazy how much work it takes but well worth it when you see the different schools this city has too offer. So far I like them all. The next step is for Coolidge to visit. He is very excited to see them because I told him about the animals in each class.

Brody has been going through milestones in ultra speed. He is sitting up and pulling up on anything he can get his hands on. The smile on his face shows just how proud he is. He now has four teeth. Instead of getting the two middle teeth he started with his inscissors and looks like Baby Dracula. Its a little scarey when I see him latch on to my breast. Ha ha.

A friend of mine moved to Korea quite a few years ago, and after reading my blog decided to start his own. You should check Sean's blog by clicking on the link >>>>>>
He is doing some interesting things and has a pretty new girlfriend.

You should also check out Ben's Flickr site. He has added some great new photos. Some you may have already seen but there are some new ones from our trip to Seattle and here in NY. Just Click on Bens link >>>

Ben is also directing his first one act play called Baseball 101. He has been doing a lot of work with TSI and is hoping to direct many more. This is his first time directing a kid, but from what he told me, it is a great a experience. For those here in NY you should check it out. From what I read and heard from Ben it looks good.


  1. Anonymous9:15 PM


    You are such a prolific writer! Make sure that you back up all of this blog and the comments that are derived from it. I would suspect that it would make great backround for a novel.

    Baseball 101, now that's what I am talking about. I wish that I were living in New York so that I could be in the cast.

    You guys take care and we love you,

    Randy & Heather

  2. Anonymous12:46 PM

    The two of you are awesome. Ben's pictures were great. I can't believe how much your baby pictures look like Brody. Love Grams

  3. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Hey Guys,
    Wonderful reading about the kids, and Brody's development. They are just so precious, and adorable. You both must be very proud. Good luck choosing a school for Cool!