Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy Birthday!

We just celebrated Coolidge and Brody's birthday last weekend. Brody turned 1 and Coolidge turned 4. We celebrated with a few of our close friends and their beautiful children. This is a photo of Coolidge and Brody's crew. The bottom row from left to right is Brody, Sam, Coolidge, Luke, and Edie. The top row starts with Dylan, Elisha, Ian, Kate and Gareth. There are some missing little guys who were just too young to get in the group shot like, John, Martin and Rhi. All of which are siblings to the older kids. We had a picnic at the park near our home. The weather was awesome and the kids had a great time running around. I want to say thanks to all of you who came and made our day very special.

We also celebrated Fathers day this month. Ben had a nice day. He went and had a pint of beer at a pub and then saw a German film. He later met up with us to have dinner out. Ben is a wonderful father and the boys are very lucky to have such a great dad. We love you cutie. Ben has also taken on another teaching job this summer. He will be teaching middle school kids drama at Suny Purchase for the month of July. He had a fun time last year teaching film and got some great experience. He is hoping that through games, exercises, and improvisations, they will learn that actors are not just showing but actually living truthfully under imaginary circumstances. I can honestly say these kids are going to love him because of his passion for acting, and more importantly, his patience.

I also wanted to share some interesting news that I just found out. About a week ago My old elementary school (Viewlands) just celebrated it's last day. I didn't find out exactly why it had to close down but I guess it and two other schools had to do the same thing. I met my favorite teacher at that school and had some of my best memories there. I also still have friends that I met in the 5th grade. I found out that my mom also went to kindergarten at Viewlands. I am sorry to hear that I wont have that landmark to take my kids and show them where I had learned so many interesting things. My fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Butler was the first person to get me interested in Reading. She brought 'Ramona the Brave' to life and helped me see that I can be smart. She elected me patrol girl that year and it was a great honor. How I remember it was that only those doing well were given these jobs because they were allowed to leave class early to suit up. If you want to read about the school, you can check it out at this link

Coolidge is doing well. He got his first big boy bike for his birthday from his grandma Susan. Ben took him to the bike shop to have him fitted and to pick out the one he liked the most. He rode it all the way from the shop on 96th Street to our playground on 110th. He just loves it. He is also finishing up his last days at his nursery school. He will not be going back to the Hale House in the fall. He got accepted to the Cathedral and will be starting preschool in September. It will be a different schedule and he will be going 5 days a week instead of 3. Hopefully it will help prepare him for 5 full days in kindergarten.

Brody is also doing well. He is sleeping through the night and has been doing so for over a month now. He has also started walking. He has lost the Franken Baby walk and progressed on to the toddler waddle. Every day he crawls a little less.

Here he is back from the navy. Yes, I dressed him in a sailor suit for his birthday party. He is the best looking boy I have ever seen in uniform. Brody has also upgraded to cow's milk and is eating more big boy food and less and less jarred baby food. I am still breast feeding but he is started to like whole milk more and more so I don't think he will be doing it for long. He also moved up to the forward facing car seat. He never really liked the infant seat so now car rides with him are a lot more enjoyable.

Things are also good for me. I am enjoying being at home with my boys. I wanted to share something that I started with a few of my friends here in the city. Once a month I get together with about 6 other moms in the neighborhood for breakfast. It has turned out to be a great experience and has allowed us moms to talk about anything we need without any interruptions for two whole hours. I can't speak for them but I have to say for me it has been a joy. I look forward to it and walk away feeling great. I am sharing this because I know so many of you could benefit from the same thing in your own area.


  1. Christie8:24 PM

    Great pics! The birthday looked like fun. Tell the boys there auntie has there present when they get here. We can't wait!!! Love the blog. Keep it up. -Me

  2. Great to hear the boys and all had fun on their birthday. Sean

  3. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Looks like fun! LOVE the pictures! Hope to see you guys soon (before your trip).

  4. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Love all the updates! Keep em coming. Things are going good in Seattle! Kate is potty training this weekend and we are on vacation so staying pretty close to home! Take care! Love Jen Engelke

  5. Victoria9:41 PM

    Viewlands is now officially closed? How sad. That's where you and I met. Crazy to know that I have known you that long!

    I always enjoy reading your blogs and pics. Thanks for the update!