Thursday, September 13, 2007

Summer Vacation

We are already in the middle of September and it still feels like summer. We are just now getting school started and the weather is still warm and sunny. It is hard to get out of vacation mode when you spent a whole month off. Coolidge started his new school on Monday the 10th and so far he loves it. It is very different from his last school. He has a locker with his name on it and there are many other kids that are older than him around the school. His favorite thing to talk about is the 2 geckos and guinea pig that live in the class. He also loves that his neighborhood buddy Luke is in his class. So far it has been nothing but smiles going to school each day and nothing but excitement during pick up. I just hope it stays that way.

Brody has been to the school and just loves the class. I have a feeling by the time it is his turn he will be more than ready to start. He barely knows that Coolidge is gone because his nap is during school. Yeah for me. Brody has changed quite a bit over the last month. He has gone from learning to walk to running, climbing and waving hello and goodbye. He waves to just about everyone on the street. He acts as though he is on a float in a parade.
We had a great summer. We were lucky enough to spend the month of August in Seattle with family and friends. The weather in NY is usually pretty awful in August, so we were happy to head west were the weather is often cool and sometimes warm. I have to say it was one of the coolest summers I have had in a long time. I remember seeing a couple of people with sweaters on for a few days. We did so much that I don't even know where to begin. We celebrated 4 birthdays in one day while were there. We had a few friends over to my moms house to celebrate Coolidge, Brody, mine and my mothers birthday all together. The kids had a blast and we got a chance to chat with all our good friends and family. Living far away, it's hard to have the chance to see my kids play with my friends kids. I try to do something every year just so Coolidge and Brody can have some sort of relationship with them.

We also spent a week in Sun Lakes with a large part of my family. Over time our family has gotten larger and this year we took up 5 cabins. Coolidge and Brody had a blast playing all day every day with their cousins. Coolidge tries very hard to keep up with his 8 year old boys and make great strides in swimming because of it. By the end of the trip he was swimming with his face under water and jumping into the pool without anybody holding him. I couldn't believe it was the same kid who told me he was too scared to swim in the big pool. This was Coolidge's second year at Sun Lakes and Brody's first. We have made Sun Lakes a tradition for many years now. It is something we all look forward to and plan about 6 months in advance. While we were there Coolidge had a hard time because his cousins are older and can do more things than him, but overall i think he handled it well. This was also the first year that Ben enjoyed himself. I think it was because our group was much larger and we had fun things to do everyday. Ben got a chance to Jet ski. Mark brought his 2 jet ski's and took Ben out for a few rides. Through determination he got through learning the balance and then enjoyed riding all over the lake. We also learned how to play Bacci ball for the 1st time. Both Ben and

I enjoyed learning and playing that game. We don't get a chance to do these type of things in NY so it was nice to do fun adult activities. Ben enjoyed it enough that he thought it would be nice to get some guys here NY together to play once every two weeks. I don't know it he will have much luck but I do think it would be fun. We were lucky enough to have so many people join us this year. Jeremy (my new brother in law) was able to spend 2 days with us. He had to leave because he was due in California for training. He will be leaving for Iraq in January. I am so happy We got a chance to see him because I don't know when we will get to see him again. Between them living in Hawaii and him leaving for Iraq it will be hard to plan a trip in Seattle together. Please keep him your prayers. We want him to come home to us safely.

Because we stayed with my mom, Ben and I had plenty of chances to go out without the kids. I can't tell you how many evites I get for the kid's parties. When I got one from my friend's Cindy and Eric and it was for Ben and I, I never smiled so big. I got a chance to see some old friends and was able to have a conversation without being interupted by a screaming child. It was great to have a night out with my two best girls. I can't even remember the last time we were able to do that. Because the 3 of us live in different states and we are still new moms it is almost impossible to have the right time to hang. I got to give the host props for a great cocktail party. The food and drinks were just what I hoped it would be and Lee's home and back yard was absolutely amazing. I hope they make it an annual shin dig because I am already planning to be at the next one.

It was great that Aj was in Seattle during the first couple of weeks that I was there. We tried to get together as much as possible and the kids had a blast. Coolidge got to ride on Harley which was like going to Disney land for him. He also loved picking vegetables and berries out of the garden with his buddy Maya. If Coolidge could have it his way he would spend his entire day outside exploring and playing in nature. So he loved going to Maxine's so he could be nature boy and play with the Cochran girls. I wanted to take him to the zoo but I thought shit who needs the zoo, they have a horse and some goats, what else does a young boy need.

We also spent a little time at Martha Lake. I was also shocked to see that Coolidge built up the courage to jump off the dock. Not only did he do it once but he did it over and over. I am definitely getting him into swim lessons. All in all we had a great trip and are looking forward to the fall.

I would like to end this with a video that I thought was so cute. This year Coolidge got his first bike and scooter. Here is a video of the big kids riding scooters and Coolidge following behind.