Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy New Year! 2008

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. We had a great holiday for so many reasons. We went to visit Santa at Macys for the fourth year. I have to say that I am always amazed at how many adults go without kids to see Santa. It's fun with kids, but without them it is complete torture. this was the first year that Coolidge wasn't totally freaked out at the talking tree and the other animals moving around. I expected Brody to hate it but he actually only cried when I put him on Santa's lap. As you can see from the photo in order for me to get Brody to sit with Santa, Ben and I had to join the kids. I Thank my lucky stars I showered and put on a little make up. Coolidge has never cried even though winter land is quite scary he has always managed to muster up the courage to sit with Santa.

This was the first year my mom spent Christmas with us here in NY. With the tree and the extra people in our home it was a tight squeeze but just like every NYer we made it work. The kids loved having her here and Coolidge is still talking about how she wasn't here long enough. Coolidge got to have her come to his school and celebrate the holidays with the class. It gave her a chance to see all his buddies and even meet some of the parents that I know. We all got colds and spent way too much time coughing and blowing our nose. However, one good thing did come from that, Ben and my mom taught Coolidge how to blow his nose. I also enjoyed being able to spend some quality time with her. We went shopping in areas she had never been. She also babysat for us a few times. Ben and I were able to see two movies. "I am legend," was a great thriller that I highly recommend and "There will be blood." It too kept me interested from beginning to end. I think Daniel Day Lewis will win best actor for it. We also had a chance to go out for New Years. However after all the craziness from Christmas we were so tired that we were back home watching the ball drop on television.

December was a crazy month. We got many things done and we also spent few of those weeks doing absolutely nothing. We have managed to visit many schools and even had some parent interviews. Coolidge also took the ERB exam and I just received the results. He did very well but the best part was what the person wrote about him. I now know what my mom was talking about when she would look at my report card and before saying anything about my grades she would read the comments from the teachers. My son went into a room with a strange woman for about an hour and I knew nothing about what he did. When I asked him he just said I don't remember. It was like pulling teeth trying to figure out what activities they did. Once I had the results in my head I was able to know exactly what he did and how she felt about his abilities. I struggled with the idea of having my 4 year old tested for quite awhile. Now that it is all said and done I can say it wasn't a test at all but a way for them to see what he can do and how he responds to instruction.

This time of year always seems to bring people together. We enjoyed having so many visitors. I think this was the first time Don and his family came to our place. Ian and his sister had a great time and the boys loved having them over to play. Don got a great photo of Ian watching Brody bathe. You gotta love those blonde curls. We also had a chance to see Nicola, Daren, Juan and his beautiful wife Oscar. It amazing how you will go many months not seeing these people and then the holidays come around and somehow you reunite and it feels as though no time has past. It is always hard to be away from my family and Coolidge misses them all so much. Luckily we have a great group here that supports us and makes us smile.
I also don't know if because of all this fun over the last couple of months is the cause of sleep changing. For some reason the last month my son Coolidge has no need for sleep. He is staying awake until 9:30 sometimes 10:30 and then waking up about 7:30 in the morning. He has no nap and during the day and when I put him to bed he comes out of his room every 10 minutes to tell me something or give me a hug. Does anybody have any advice? I know it is cold and he isn't able to burn off the energy needed but even on those warm days we went out twice, along with school and he still had a hard time falling to sleep.

Both Coolidge and Brody were spoiled with so many gifts from family and friends. Brody got his first set of wheels. He doesn't quite know how to steer it but he loves to ride. Coolidge also loves to ride but gets bored because it doesn't go fast enough. This zebra he is sitting on is more his speed. However, being the stunt boy that he is, he loves to stand on it more than sit. Coolidge got a scooter and has become quite the rider and learned balance quite fast.

New York is the greatest city I have ever lived in. Well yeah, I have only lived in 3 cities, but living in NYC has made me feel like I have lived all over the world. The worst part of living here is how fast people come and go. Last month a wonderful friend of mine moved away both Coolidge and I are missing them terribly. We didn't know them long but it feels like I have known Sara forever. It isn't very often you meet people who you click with so easily. I am sure that some of you know that when you move to another state how hard it is to meet new friends. The great thing is with technology being as great as it is, I am sure Sara and I will be friends forever.

We also got some wonderful news. My sister Brandi and her husband Jeremy have made me an aunt once again. Brandi gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Dec 29th. Or with the time difference he may have been born on the 28th. His name is Logan John and Brandi was in Labor for many hours. We are so happy to have him here in our family. I am also sad to say that Jeremy will be leaving for Iraq this Saturday. We are all going to worry about him and hope that all of you will include him and his family in your prayers.

We have two new family additions this month. My cousin Kiera also gave birth to a baby boy. She gave birth on December 5th. It is a special day because now we have Arihante in our life and it was also Jerry's birthday.

It was an amazing month and I hope 2008 is as great as 2007 if not more. I wanted to finish this with a video of Super Brody, but they wouldn't let me because of the nudity. It was hilarious, not because he was naked but the look on his face. So instead i decided to add another. Here is a video of Brody riding his 4 wheeler in our basement.