Tuesday, February 19, 2008


We have just received a letter from each school that we applied to. I have to say I have never been so anxious to receive mail. We knew once we saw a thin letter that it wasn't the news we wanted to read. I went into this process very nonchalant and figured if we got in great but, if we didn't, oh well. Now that I am looking at 4 wait list letters, 2 no thank you's and 1 re-apply, I realize that somehow during the process I got way more invested. After having about 3 visits to the schools you start to create a relationship with the school and feel as though you have been broken up with. There is still a possibility that he will get accepted but like every maybe answer you set yourself up for rejection. It amazes me that only a few months ago around September I didn't even think I had a chance and didn't even consider applying. Now I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for an answer so I can move on to the next step. Crazy how life takes turns. It truly is just like a roller coaster and you can either enjoy the ride or close your eyes and wait for it to end.

Well on the flip side the Giants won the Super Bowl. We went to our friends house this year. The Turcottis throw a great party every year. This was the first year that kids almost out numbered the adults. The even stranger thing was that they were almost all boys. It was a great game but because of my small kids we had to head home for bed at half time. I was lucky to get them in bed and not miss the best pass and catch of the whole game. I just wish I could have enjoyed it with the whole gang.

We finally got a significant snow drop this year. Coolidge has been begging to get outside and make snow angels and snow balls. While he was in school the snow fell fast and hard. After school we stayed in the school yard and played with his buddies. It was Brody's first time touching the snow. I don't think he liked it too much. Every time his bare hands came in contact with the snow he screamed for me to wipe it clean. However, being the ball junkie that he is he didn't care if there was a little snow on it. The wonderful part of snow in the city is that for a short time everything gets a little quiet. The cars slow down, people start to hibernate, and silence seems to be roaming through the streets. It is amazing for a short period of time. However, the bad part of the snow is that when it all starts to melt and everyone comes back out, the streets turn into the loud bustling, dirty slush that is impossible to get around. City life...you gotta love it.

I also want to say Happy Valentines day to my three boys. For the first time in my life I have three Valentines on the same day. What a lucky lady I am. My boys treated me with a box of chocolates from Sees, a new beautiful shirt and my favorite Thai food. I also got my friend to babysit the next day so I could have some alone time with my main squeeze. We wanted to keep it simple and intimate so we chose to go to Barnes and Noble and look at books together. We then went to a new Mexican restaurant on the Upper West side. If you live in NYC you should definitely check it out. The best Margaritas I have ever had. It is a restaurant called Cilantro.
I can't believe I am recommending a Mexican restaurant in NY. We had a great time and are
going to try and get out more often.

Ben has been working very hard studying for the DGA exam. I am so excited and nervous for
him. It has been many years since he has had to take an exam where it decides whether you get in or not. He is very determined and I have all the confidence that he will do well. He deserves to get into the program and they would be missing out on a very talented hard working guy if they don't except him.

I have a tip for the mothers with young ones. My girl Aj once showed me this when I was at her
house. You would be amazed at how a toothpick can get your child to eat. For Coolidge i stick a tooth pick in a piece of his food. All of the sudden he is making shishkabobs with each piece of fruit or vegetable. He stops focusing on what he has to eat and starts playing along with eating. Brody thinks it is the coolest and is willing to try anything as long as it is on a tooth pick. I don't do it
every night but no matter how many times I do, it never seems to
get old for them. Definitely worth a try.


  1. christie11:12 PM

    Thanks for the pics on the blog. since I talk to you so much I knew about everthing you wrote about. Keep up the blogging Love, christie

  2. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Hey guys, great blog! The pictures were great. All my thoughts and prayers are with you Ben. Love Bonnie, mom and grandma

  3. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Coolidge is getting so big! Brody looks so much like you Andy, what a doll. Can't wait to see you this summer. Love Max

  4. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Hey Ben & Andrea,
    Thanks for sharing the pix and NYC memories. Good luck Ben on your exam you'll do just fine stay cool. Getting a toddler into school in NYC is just as difficult as getting an apartment, or a killer job it's just too darn difficult. Maybe someone has some connections ask around.