Monday, March 17, 2008


We have had a crazy month. Last time I blogged we were in a complete waiting process. We have been waiting to hear from schools and getting test results for both Coolidge and Ben. Since then we have been rejected by almost all the private schools that we applied to. One of them asked us to re-apply next year. Some of the private schools felt Coolidge is too young for kindergarten and one seems they would most likely accept him next year. In one way I agree with them. I do feel he is ready mentally but I also think that emotionally he is not ready for all day school every day. I do think that once he got started he would get used to it and be just fine. My own personal belief is that most kids at this age are not ready for school all day at the age of five. I have to say getting rejections and waitlist letters were hard to take at first. I can't really explain why because I prepared myself for that even before I applied. I guess I just got a bit sad to think that they didn't want Coolidge. It took me a few days but now
I am back to, oh well we gave it a try. We have been waiting to hear from our public school choices and are just now getting those letters. I am happy to say that he was accepted to CPE I. It is great school and we are happy to hear that too like us. I am pretty sure we will have him go there. Right now it is just nice to have one acceptance letter.

We were also waiting to hear from the DGA for Ben. I am so proud of him. He studied like a mad man for an exam that he had no idea what would be on it. He found out 2 days ago that he did well and is moving on to the next phase of the DGA. He worked very hard and deserves to get into this program. The next move for him is to be interviewed. I am not too worried with this because if you know Ben he is quite charming. I just hope they understand just how bad he wants it and how hard of a worker he is.

As you can see in that last photo we got another couple days of snow. It was great because I didn't think Coolidge would get a chance to use his sled this year. We also made our first snow man together. Brody didn't like the snow. He did one sled ride with me and then cried until Ben took him home. Maybe next year he will appreciate it more. I have to say I am done with winter. These apartments are too small to be inside for such a long period of time. I also miss that nice summer glow you get from the sun.

Lately we have been doing a dinner playdate with our friends Petra, John and there kids Edie and Martin. We have been doing it every other week or so. It has been great to have them over to eat and drink while our kids tear the house apart. Our kids are the same age and so it is nice to have such a great understanding and be able to speak so frankly with one another. It is also nice to know you have someone you can depend on if you need them.
Coolidge and Brody have been growing so fast lately. Coolidge has graduated to wearing underpants at night. He worked very hard at trying to say dry and would go a few days with a dry pull up but on the 4 th day he would have an accident. When he accomplished seven days in a row I asked him if he thought he could wear underpants to bed. He was so excited and has been going to bed without a pull up for several weeks. I can't tell you how proud I am of him. I think the best part was the look on his face when he decided he could handle wearing underpants to bed. Coolidge also started doing chores last week. I am trying to teach him how to earn money, save money and spend it. It has also been great to help make him eager to do daily activities. Today he earned his first dollar and he loved the whole process. I can't wait to see how he decides to spend it and how it makes him feel.

Brody has also changed and grown so fast. He has amazed me with his puzzle skills. He whizzes through all of them. He also called me mama for the first time when he saw me on the web cam. It is a wonderful feeling to hear those words coming out of their mouth with smile. As you can also see Brody is in love with sitting at the computer. He loves the mouse and typing. His favorite thing to do on the computer is video call. However he doesn't like to see his own image on the screen so it sucks for the person who wants to see his face. I have to say I love the web camera. It has given me a chance to see and talk to my family. For those of you that live away from your family it is a great way to feel connected.