Thursday, April 03, 2008

Cold and Flu and doctor visits

Brody had his check up at the doctors and it was a bit crazy. He is a very social person but he needs time to warm up to you before you can touch him. Well lets just say he didn't have enough time and screamed the entire visit. Luckily I had Ben there with me so I could hear what the doctor had to say after we left. He recommended on our next visit to see a orthopedic surgeon for his turned in feet and legs. He says it could correct itself but that speaking to someone in the field would be a good idea. He said his legs are not bowed but turned inward which cause the look of bowing. Anyway, he says there is no need to worry but just like all moms, we do even when we are told not to. I am not so concerned about the turned in feet as I am about how Brody will react to another doctor visit where they will want to exam his legs and probably give him x-rays. However, one good thing was that Brody didn't need to get his shots. I think he would be permanently traumatized after all that.

Brody getting up at 5:40 in the morning didn't help the doctors visit being especially difficult. I don't know if anyone reading this can understand how upsetting a 5:00am wake up can be. If my kids wake up and 7:00 it makes all the difference in the world. I can get up with a smile and start my day and handle just about any problem. If my kids get me up before 6:00 I start the day with such a funk that every little problem makes me want to yell. These sort of problems is what makes having young kids very difficult. I am sure some of you are shaking your head and totally agreeing with me right now.

Easter was great. I threw a Egg hunt with my friend Kerry for all the kids. It was the second year I had done it and it was just as successful. We had to change locations at the last second because a church had already snagged our first choice. Having it at Morningside park wasn't the best place to have it but the kids didn't care. The best part was that Coolidge told me it was the best Easter Egg hunt he had ever been to. Brody didn't have such a great time. He cried most of the time. It was a pretty cold day and now that I am writing this I realize it was probably because he was coming down with a nasty cold. Both him and Coolidge got sick that night. Coolidge came down with croup and a fever of 102 degrees. It was the first time he has ever had a fever that high. He even began to hallucinate. Luckily I experienced that as a child so it didn't freak me out. I did my best to keep him calm and tell him that his sickness is playing tricks on his eyes. He told me that he saw white shadows of a man in a hat that looked like daddy. Ben was there but for some reason he didn't really see him all the time. He also told me that I had needles in my arm and to pick them out. He still talks about how when he was sick it was like watching a scary movie. We laugh about it now but it was a little scary when it happened.

This last week has been the longest week I have experienced in a long time. We all got some sort of cold/flu. It started with Coolidge and slowly each of us have been coughing and achy for days. Coolidge broke out in hives for several days. I am starting to think we will never be back to 100% healthy. One thing that bumbed me out was that Ben and I were planning to put up some much needed shelves and a cabinet above our toilette. I bought all the equipment needed and then we all got sick over night. My shelves are screaming at me and I am eager to get working but can't seem to muster up the energy to get it done. My kids are taking all my energy from me right now.


  1. Anonymous1:41 PM

    I know the cold/flu is going around, but hang in there. glad to here everything besides that is well...and as far as Brody's legs are concerned I would not worry. Tyson was told the same thing and now his legs are completely straight. It was good to see pictures of the boys. cant wait to see you in Vegas:)


  2. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Hey, loved the pictures! You are quite the mother and wife. I love you guys so much. Love MOM!!!

  3. Hi! Hope everyone is well. Sounds like you had a hectic time but adapted well. THese are valuable experiences your sharing and I am paying attention so that when Eun seol and I start our family will have notes.
    I had turned in feet when I was a baby and had special shoes with a bar connecting both. It corrected my feet. I will send you a pic.
    Be well.
    Eun Seol & Sean

  4. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Hey Girl!

    What a time you've been having! Well, I promise you things are turning around. These last three months have been tough- in the "cosmos". At least that's my opinion! But the stars are looking up again and you'll be back to your old self in no time. Seems everyone I know has been having rotten luck and low energy. I don't even have kids and I feel zapped!

    Anywhoo- I know it'll get better and easier at the doctor's office, too. You're an amazing Mother. Every child is so different. And no one has all the answers. But I know with your level of love and patience, Brody won't ever be traumatized!

    Get better soon girl and get those shelves up!