Thursday, November 06, 2008


As you all know we have a new President, Barack Obama. It has been a long journey. I would have to say that this is the first presidential race I have experienced where so many were passionate. Even my own husband and I disagreed and fought over the issues many times. I wasn't like so many Americans who put complete faith in Obama. I kept an open mind and made sure to listen to the issues all the way up until about a week before I voted. Having done that I also opened myself to many arguments. I honestly think everyone should be an independent like myself. Instead of having two parties we vote primarily on the person and what they stand by. I am sure so many of you have a comment for that and I've heard all the arguments. I have to say that Nov. 4th is a day that I will never forget. From the morning I woke up and looked outside you could see the energy in the air. It reminded me of 9/11. That was different energy, a very sad one, but still a day a sense of urgency was palpable. On that day people looked at one another and embraced each other with their eyes. I felt that same look on the 4th when I stood in line to vote or as I walked past people on the street. NYC is not a warm and fuzzy type of city so when people come together you really feel it. At 11:00pm I sat at my computer and heard honking, screaming and laughing outside. People would stop their cars, get out and yell with such happiness. I sat at my window enjoying a unity I have never experienced up in Harlem. That day I saw in my husbands eyes a look I have never experienced before. As I sit hear writing my experience I am overwhelmed with emotion. I had a hard time choosing who to vote for because I honestly felt both, in their hearts, wanted do a great job. Even before I pulled that lever I prayed that Obama will not let us down. I am proud to say that my son got to go with his dad that day and help make that vote for the first African American President. I know it is something he will tell his children and grandchildren.

We also celebrated Ben's birthday in October. We normally go out and see movie and dinner for his birthday but I don't know what the hell is going on because there are no Oscar type movies out right now. Maybe movie making is on strike and nobody told us. I can't think of a single movie even worth talking about let alone seeing. It was a good thing in the end because we decided to do what we used to do before children. We walked from Chelsea through the village into soho. It was great to have that alone time and talk about all the new shops and get an idea of what we want for Christmas. Ben and I have always loved just hanging out so it was nice to do that for hours without having to worry about being somewhere or doing something. We stopped at a Brazilian restaurant and ate some Delicious food. I know so many of you parents know that when you can get out to eat you want to pick one that you know you will enjoy, so you tend to go to the same restaurants every time. Well we went against the grain and picked one that we have never been to. I am happy to say we were not disappointed, even the drinks were great. Thanks again Nicola for being so great to us.

We also celebrated Halloween. As many of you know Coolidge was the Joker and Brody was a rocker. They both had 2 costumes because Brody was originally a spider but hated having something on his head. So for Halloween I got his leather jacket out and made him a rock star. Coolidge wasn't aloud to be a super hero at school so we made him a costume where he was a NYC street. It was difficult for Coolidge because, to him getting dressed up entails blood and scary faces. However, he did it and he loved that I sewed cars on his outfit. They always get dressed up at least 3 times around Halloween. Between festivals, parties and Halloween we will wear that costume out. Coolidge wishes he could still get dressed up. He told me Halloween is one of his favorite holidays but for some reason he said, "Easter is the Best." I think it is because he loves the hunt for eggs and he gets a prize in everyone. Even Ben and I dressed up this year. We love getting dressed up but always thought we would scare the kids. This year we decided that it would be fun and if Brody got scared I would take it off. However, Brody laughed and enjoyed mommy and daddy having fun with him.

For the first time we went pumpkin picking. After the last venture out of the city being such a big disappointment I decided I need to redeem myself. I found a pumpkin patch in New Jersey only 30 minutes away. We road in a trailer out to the patch and picked out two big pumpkins. The kids just loved it. They got to play in the corn stalks and they had a bunch of Halloween decorations that the kids loved talking about. Coolidge had to pick a pumpkin that had the most scary stem because he wanted his pumpkin to be creepy. He wanted me to carve out a snakes mouth but being a awful artist that I am we agreed on a spider. I at least had a template for that.
I am looking forward to the next couple of months. I love the holidays but I am not excited for the bad cold weather coming our way. The next couple of months are packed full of stuff for us, so I am sure I will have a lot more to write about.