Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Holiday time!

It is amazing how crazy it gets after Halloween. Time seems to just fly by because we have something going on almost every weekend. Ben has been taking the boys to Queens to visit his mom, sisters and Adrian. It has been a nice break for me and has allowed me to make some improvements around the house. The best part of it is how much my boys love going there. Even little Brody talks about them after he comes home. He also says he is thankful for Diane and Adrian in his prayer. However, he also says he is sorry for them, so who knows what he is thinking. After being out there for Thanksgiving I got a chance to see how much they love being at the house. They knew exactly what they could do and went about their business building a fort a long with stair diving. Luckily Brody hasn't joined in on that one. I am so very thankful that we have Ben's family close by. It is hard to be far away from my family. If we didn't have Ben's side the family near by it would be difficult especially during this time of year. We had a nice intimate dinner with Susan, Gay, Adrian, Diane, and Mitzi. It was nice to all get together. I can't remember the last time we did all have dinner. That is why I love Thanksgiving. It is always about family. There is no pressure of giving the perfect gift it is just a special day that you enjoy family and food.

We have made some changes to the apartment. During the summer Ben painted almost the entire apartment while we were in Seattle. In November I finished it by painting our bedroom. It took me awhile to settle on a color and even when I was painting I was a bit worried. After I was done I loved it. Painting a room green can be tricky but I think I managed to make it look great. Once I started I realized how much work Ben had been through while we were away. I thank God that Kerry was kind enough to help me because I don't think I could have done it without her help. It is amazing how a paint job can make your home look completely different. We put up shelves, cabinets and changed the art work on the walls. I am dying to change the boy's room but I am afraid Brody might not be ready for complete freedom that a big boy bed gives him.

Coolidge started Hockey a few weeks ago. We live very close to a rink in Central Park and his school gave out fliers for this program for free hockey. I didn't think Coolidge would be interested but when I asked he was very excited. So we signed him up and they provided all the kids with the proper equipment. He goes every Wednesday from 5:30-7:30. We figured after one lesson he would say, "I don't really like it," but now we are on our third week and he looks forward to it. Ben said he went from not being able to move on skates to hauling butt. He plays games like red light green light. Right now they are teaching them to skate and listen to instruction. He is dying to play with the puck and stick but I told him it wont be long. He never seems to amaze me by how much energy he has. When he first started school. I thought there was no way we would be able to do an after school activity but now I feel as though I should add another. The boy never tires out. He is just so darn cute in his uniform. He is on the left and Edie is on the right. My little princess Edie is still going like a champ. I know her parents are so proud.

We also found out that a few kids from Coolidge's school will be playing violin at the children's inauguration this January. the children are very excited to play for the new president. It was written up in the daily news if you want to read about it. They offer violin lessons at Coolidge's school and I hope that one day he will want to take lessons also. It was one of the reasons we liked the school. However, Coolidge may not be interested in learning to play. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/2008/12/02/2008-12-02_inauguration_thrill_for_young_violinists.html

Brody has been doing more activities indoors with me lately. The weather has gotten very cold and Brody gets out for an hour at most because he starts to lose it. The poor guy is bundle up like the Michelin man, his nose is runny and fingers are either freezing or stuck in some gloves which keeps him from being able to do anything. He has found the joy of coloring. He used to just scribble one line and then leave. Now he uses more colors and stays for a short while. he loves music so we do some dancing which is a great way for him to burn some energy but his favorite is to run from one room to the next. After Christmas I am dying for the weather to warm up. sometimes it can be brutal.

I went to the Martha show a couple of weeks ago. I meant to get tickets for my mom and I but couldn't get tickets for the days when she would be here. I ended up taking a couple of friends with me. I don't usually like those type of things but I am a huge fan of Martha and thought it would be fun. It turned out to be a lot of fun seeing her in person. I got some free gifts and was even able to ask her a question that I have been dying to ask. If any of you want to know what to do with a cast iron pan that you didn't season right, I now know how to fix it.

My mom is coming to visit for Christmas. We are so very excited to have her with us again. The boys love having her here to play with. I know Coolidge would love to show her his school and all that he has been up to. Beside the fact I love my mom I love the extra pair of hands around. It allows me to do more with my boys and gives me the chance to have quality time with my husband. I only get my mom's help two times out of the year so I take full advantage when she is here or I am there. My mom and I are also great friends so it is nice to have my buddy here.

I also found out this month that two of Ben's childhood friends have wonderful news. Lou and Daisy have a brand new son, Juan Andres. We are so excited for them. There is nothing like becoming parent and we wish them all the best. We also found out that Don is going to be a dad for the second time. He found out that he will be having a baby girl this April. We also wish him and his family all the best.