Sunday, October 19, 2008


Fall is here and as of right now the weather is absolutely the best. It has been sunny and just warm enough that all you need is a sweater and scarf. We have been taking advantage of it and spending a lot of time outside. We took Coolidge to the park last weekend and took his training wheels off. He got the hang of it right away. The only problem is that you can see he is not dying to ride. It is as though he could careless if he rides or not. He is very comfortable running and jumping and he can only do one thing on the bike so what fun is that. I believe that is the only reason he is not riding with ease. He gets mad when I say that but I don't see the desire in his eyes. when we were teaching him to swim this summer you could see the desire and the eagerness to keep improving. It was as if he was learning to ride a bike to make mom and dad happy. I think the one thing that got him back on was me saying remember your cousins riding to the store in sunlakes and how many times you were unable to catch up to them. That seem to put a bit of a fire in his ass.

My girl, Nicola got married recently. I was so excited to see her get married. However, I wasn't eager to go because through the planning she made it seem like it was going to be nothing about her and all about his family. She wanted to elope and his family who is Russian and very traditional was sad that their only child would get married without them there. Nicola was a champ and knew that with getting married you have to comprise so she let them plan the whole thing. I figured we would go have a few drinks eat dinner and be home by 10:30. We barely knew anyone and there wasn't going to be any dancing. I forgot all about that fact that what makes a great wedding is the people. It turned out to be one of the most fun weddings I have ever been to. It took place at an orthodox Armenian church. I have never seen a wedding with so many traditions/rituals. It made you think about marriage and how it all got started. There was only about 28 people and all of us sat at the same table where we ate and drank much vodka. Almost everyone toasted the bride and groom and each time you had to take a shot of vodka. It is safe to say I was on my lips when I left. It was one of the best times I have ever had. I was so happy to see Nicola with such a huge smile and in love. She doesn't have any family here so I have always felt like the only one who watches out for her. I feel at peace knowing that she now has great in- laws who want nothing but the best for her.
Coolidge is having a great time in school. He has made lots of new friends and seems to go in and come out smiling everyday. I thought for sure I would have to beg him to get dressed every morning and then take him kicking and screaming. He never seems to mind going to school and actually looks forward to it. We had some bumps the first two weeks but now he is a champ. I am officially a class parent and have had my first conversation with a crazy parent. I think it is fascinating because all the people I surround myself with are eager to help and be a part of their child's school. This woman had many issues and somehow made it next to impossible to do a simple thing. I am told that this is just the beginning and I am sure there are many of you out their shaking your heads. I have loved the idea of being a part of my child's school and now I am actually helping with one of their fundraisers. I also know from a teachers point of view that they greatly appreciate the help.

Brody has adjusted to his big brother going to school. He no longer cries when he leaves. He loves to give a high fives and picking him up is also something he looks forward to. Brody now has his own play dates with kids around his age. It is nice to be able to spend some alone time with just him. It gets very draining to explain to Coolidge he is only two and to explain to Brody that you can't destroy his brothers constructions. Brody is quite the character. Very often he makes Coolidge and I laugh hysterically. Brody has a best buddy Martin. Recently I have started a babysitting share with his mom, Petra. They love spending time together and it allows us some freedom to get some cleaning/errands done. We just started doing it and so far it has been great.

We went pumpkin picking for the first time this year. It was a little farm right outside the city in New Jersey. We took a hay ride out through the apple orchards. The kids had a great time. Brody was a little nervous on the truck but once he got off he started yelling, "pumpkins!" I had to redeem myself for last weekend's day trip. We went to a festival that was supposed to be an hour away but was more like 2 going there and 1 1/2 coming back. The long journey wasn't the problem. It was supposed to be fun for the family and there wasn't much for the kids to do. We all know that no matter how excited we are to be somewhere if there is nothing for our kids to do it can become sheer torture.

It has been a great month but also a very tragic one. One of my friends pasted away suddenly. He was my friend that was in a horrific accident that I asked you all to pray for. He was doing well for months and was even on his way home to continue his rehab. We all expected a full recovery when he collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. He just wasn't able to make it and will be greatly missed. I appreciate all of your prayers and am asking you to pray for his family who are going through such a difficult time.