Monday, April 13, 2009


I am so proud of my boys. Ben worked very hard and made his first documentary. He took a leap and bought his own equipment and has become a one man show making documentaries about people and subjects he finds very interesting. I have known for quite a long time that he is very talented but to see him going from an idea to an actual film is quite amazing. I think what a lot of people don't know is that Ben is a democrat and very strong in his beliefs. He is the true sense of a filmmaker because he was able to make an unbiased film about Republicans. It is not an easy task and you should know that if you have ever seen a Michael Moore film. I watched how hard it was for him to take 3 hours of footage and keep the strongest points into 15 minutes while not hearing him ask a single question and at the same time create a story. He plans to continue making these short documentaries and from what I have seen you are going to also enjoy the next one. For those of you who haven't see it you should check it out and make sure to watch both parts.

Coolidge received a trophy in hockey for all his hard work and determination. No he never actually played a game but he went from barely being able to stay up on his skates to learning how to cross over and push a puck around with a stick while skating. He went to hockey every Wednesday and never once complained. I am so very proud of him. Watching him walk on stage and shake hands with his coach while taking his trophy was so beautiful. When Coolidge was 2 years old he wouldn't talk to other adults and often would scream at them. He has grown up and constantly makes me smile. Coolidge also just went to the dentist. I am happy to say that the dentist praised us on how well his choppers look. NO CAVITIES! I feared that he might have one or two. I have been hearing these horror stories about some of his friends and family members getting more than one cavity each time they go to the dentist. I think it helps that I make sure I go over his teeth after he has brushes them every night
Brody is quite the talker. He is very outgoing and makes sure to say hello to just about anyone. His vocabulary has grown a lot lately. He speaks in full sentences and even carries on a conversation with you. He loves to copy his brother in just about everything. Sometimes it is not good because he is learning to have an attitude too early. It is hard to reprimand him because he doesn't even know what he is saying. He is also riding Coolidge's old 3 wheel scooter and goes pretty fast. It is so cute to see him and a little scary. Thanks to Kerry and Faan, Brody had his first time bowling. The kids had a blast and so did we. I have never been bowling in NYC and it was so great to do it with such style. Brody loved throwing the ball down the lane but once it was gone he didn't have time to see it hit the pins he was to busy sliding on the slippery floor.

We just celebrated Easter. For the last couple of years I have put together an Easter egg hunt for my boys and their friends in the park. This year I decided to take them to a big hunt already organized by a local church. It was very overwhelming and Coolidge said he likes mine better. I think next year I am back to keeping it small and intimate. We also had dinner with Ben's family in Queens. Gay put together a feast and my boys just love hanging with their big cousin Adrian.

I am also excited to say that my best friend Aj had her baby recently. she had a girl and named the little cutie, Elle. I am so happy to hear that they are doing well and both their families are helping them adjust to the new baby. I can't wait to see her this summer and hug all of them.

Spring is off to a cold start. We can't wait for it to warm up so we can start our picnic's in Central park. Hell I am just dying to get some sun on my body and put those winter coats away. I had turned off my heat and last night I had to turn it back on. I am also looking forward to some summer fun similar to what we did last year. I think Coolidge being on spring break is what has caused all the longing for summer days.