Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

Today is Father's day. I feel very blessed to have Ben as the father to my two beautiful boys. I'm watching Coolidge create a card for Ben and it warms my heart. I always imagined the man I was going to marry and what my family would look like as a kid. Now I am a seeing them grow and raising them to be just like their dad. Ben is off enjoying some quiet time brainstorming for his next film. He is working hard and I think you all are going to enjoy this next one as much as "Young Black and Republican." If you didn't see it you really should. I know some of you democrats don't like to watch anything with the word Republican in it but you're really missing a great film. Happy Father's day to all the fathers reading this.

We just celebrated Coolidge and Brody's birthday with a few of their friends. We planned an outside party similar to last year but the rain cut it a little short. We still had a great time and the pinata was the biggest hit according to all the kids. Brody enjoyed himself much more than last year. Last year Brody spent the whole time crying. This time he only cried from fear of the pinata. I thought he might cry because everyone was beating his penguin but he cried because he was scared to hit it. The kids whacked that thing over and over and still no candy. Ben had to get in there and beat it senseless. There was another birthday full of kids cheering Ben on. You could see Ben was enjoying all of it. I am just amazed that I have a 6 year old and a 3 year old. I put a pair of underpants on Brody for the first time and couldn't believe how big he looked. He still likes to me my little baby. Every morning he climbs into my bed and curls right up to me, sucking his thumb and holding his pink nye nye. Part of me is excited for them to get bigger and do more with me, the other part of me hates that one day he wont snuggle with me. I love that they enjoy celebrating their birthday together. As of right now they are each others best friend but you never know if it will stay that way.

A few weeks ago Sara came to New York with all the kids. I am sad to say that the kids and I only got to be with them for a couple of hours but I have to say it was so wonderful to have them around. It was like no time had passed. All the kids played with each other and by chance most of them were there as though they knew she would be there. It made me remember how much I love my friend and how much I miss her being around. I am so happy to say that they are all doing well. I didn't get to see Peter because the poor guy had a rash but I am trying to make a trip out to Arkansas this fall. Coolidge picks up with Sam immediately. They have quite a bond. Coolidge cried because Sam couldn't be here for his birthday. He keeps asking when will they move back and I tell him I wish they would. Little john was so big and still the little love bug I remember. She had a memorial for John here in NYC. I wasn't able to attend because I was out of town. I hate that I missed it but part of me is happy because it would have been so sad. It still feels like yesterday that I got the news. They are a family that inspires me everyday.

My husband has made a request that I add a new section to my blog titled "REALLY?" Let me know what you think.


About a week ago I sent out a mass email about a friends great new product. I am so excited for her and I believe she has created something that will sell like hotcakes. I sent that email out waiting to get these great replies so I could forward them on to my girl Cindy. I got maybe 2 nice responses and my third was a friend who gave me a small lecture on how my message was gender biased. After she gave a quick compliment she felt she needed to point out that by using the terms "mothers" and "grandmothers" that I excluded those who had not bore children, those who had not bore children who in turn bore children, and the entire male population. For this she felt it necessary to take time out of her busy day to make sure I was corrected. "REALLY?" Here I am celebrating the hell out of my girl's new invention and I need a lesson. This politically correct world we are living in these days can be quite stifling. All I wanted to know is-- do you like the damn thing and if you do here is where you can purchase one.

For those interested in checking them out here is the link.


  1. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Andrea, some people are just not as happy as you, and I count my blessings that you are happy and love life. Really!!! just forget it. Love MOM

  2. Christie11:33 PM

    Girl! I could not of said it better! Some people just don't get it. Your a great friend helping Cindy get the word out. Keep up the blog it always gives me a smile. Can't wait to see you in July.

  3. Lindsy11:06 AM

    Andrea I like the new add "REALLY" I understand that you were just trying to put something out there for everyone to enjoy! No worries on my part I thought it was great! Glad to see everyone is doing great and tell Ben Happy Fathers Day for me! Cant wait to see you guys :) Love ya