Saturday, August 22, 2009


This has been quite a summer. We have done so much and stumbled upon so many new things that I am having a hard time keeping track of what I need to write about. We just got back from Seattle and had an absolute wonderful time. Me and the boys left Ben behind and spent 3 weeks in Seattle. He later joined us for 2 weeks which is usually when I cram it all in. It happened to be the hottest summer I can ever remember in Seattle of course until Ben arrived. That put a cramp in all the plans I had for when Ben got there but luckily there were enough good days that we still did most of the things we wanted to do.

We first hung out with Aj and her girls. It was the first time we got to meet Elle. As you can see she is so precious. Even though I got to spend 3 days with Aj and the girls it never seems to be enough. My boys just love going over to Max's house and swimming and enjoying the nature all around them. Brody is still asking to ride another horse. Last year I had to get on Harley with him but this year he did it all by himself. That was a first for Brody. This year Coolidge experienced a garden with grandma. She started to grow a whole bunch of vegetables and her and Coolidge cared for them and ate many. Coolidge's favorite was the corn and the huge cucumber. I and so many others enjoyed the tomatoes.

We went to Sun Lakes soon after. I am happy to say it was one of my favorite trips over there. Last year was difficult so I was surprised that every minute was fun and flew by because we were so busy. Shawn (Lindsy's boyfriend) brought his boat. He was kind enough to take everyone of us out for a turn and my boys just loved it. They had their first time on a inner tube. Coolidge was so light that I was afraid he would fly out. They both did great and wanted to do it over and over. I always worry and pack like a crazy woman because of my fear that something bad will happen to one of the kids while we are there. I am amazed that the worst thing was Tyson got a huge knot on his head from a golf ball. After that Sue fractured her back and Lindsy got her toe nail ripped off. I never would have predicted the adults to get the worst injuries. We had so many water toys to play on that we didn't even have time to eat. we usually spend most of our trip sitting in a lawn chair, drinking, eating, and watching the kids run, bike, swim, fight, and dance. I don't even have half the pictures I normally have because I was too busy to think about taking a photo. My brother brought a jet ski and sea doo. I loved riding it and so did my boys. I thought they might be a little scared but they didn't want to get off. I went a little crazy on it once I got the boys to let me have my own turn. The next day my body ached more than if I did a boot camp workout. I actually think I lost weight on this trip.

I spent my birthday in Seattle. As always I did something with my sister and Ben. It isn't very often that I get to hang with them together. We went to a few wineries and had lunch together. I intended on doing something else but my plans fell through and I am happy they did because I always have fun tasting wine with them. We learned a lot from this one and we always get very goofy when the three of us spend time together.

I also got a chance to spend lots of time with my girl Cindy and her beautiful family. It doesn't matter how much time goes by since I last saw them, you would think we have been hanging every weekend. I got a chance to see Cindy's towelocs and we even helped her film a video for her website. She is doing so well and I love her invention so much that I am dying to help her any way I can. Coolidge and Keelan really hit it off and Coolidge just couldn't get enough of him. Brody was much more mature this year so it allowed me to just hang with Cindy and Eric and catch up.

I would have to say that my favorite part of the trip was my mom bonding with the boys. It took Brody a couple of days but once he got used to his surroundings he would get up and hang with grandma while I slept in. He just loved walking around the corner and seeing grandma sitting on the couch waiting for him. My mom was exhausted every night but she made sure to wake up first just so she could see that little face every morning.

My boys were old enough to check out the water slides this year. I spent many years as a kid going to birch bay but I don't think I have been back since I was a teenager. This year we made two trips up there to the water slides and the beach. My boys love to explore the beach and they couldn't get enough of the slides. I am just sorry that Ben didn't get to explore it with us. The weather was so hot that we made sure to be out near the water every time. I loved getting a chance to show my kids a place I spent many summers at with my dad, Sue and siblings. I have to say that this year I was able to do so many things with so many of my family members. All the kids played so well and we had so much fun that it made it very hard to go home this year. Thank goodness we stayed a good long time or I think we all would have had a very tearful goodbye.

Before we left for Seattle Coolidge became a great bike rider. We took his training wheels off at the end of the summer last year. I thought he might need some help learning the balance again but he got on and just started to ride. After lots of practice he was ready to ride with his big cousins. Of course Brody wanted a bike after seeing his brother doing so well. We bought him his first bike (a balance bike, SKUUT). The first day he was a bit awkward on it but by the second day he was gliding like a champ. Now he is moving so fast I can barely keep up with him.

Over the last month Brody learned how to spit in the sink and is brushing his teeth with big kid toothpaste. I also found that Coolidge is getting his 6 year old molars. You should see how proud he is. He was showing Grandma and feeling it with his finger. He loves getting bigger and can't wait to get back into school. When he sees the attention Brody gets he sometimes loves to be a little guy and have me carry him to bed. Sometimes I look at his face and I see that little baby I brought home from the hospital and then I turn around and he turns into a teenager right in front of my eyes. He had a hard time this year because he isn't a baby but he wasn't quite big enough to do a lot of the stuff his cousins could do. He worked hard and did his best and I had to put mommy on the back burner and watch him struggle. Damn being a mom is hard. I am lucky that Brody was oblivious about being a big kid. Next year I am going to have my work cut out for me.