Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween 2009

Fall hit us and so did the drama that comes with that time. Brody, Coolidge and Ben all got sick in October. Two of my good friends called me because they were in the hospital. There is nothing worse than getting a phone call like that. Thank goodness they are both fine and healthy now. I haven't been able to go through a single day without reading, watching or hearing about the swine flu. I don't normally give my kids or myself the flu shot but this year for the first time in my life the H1N1 flu shot is given to kids in all the schools here in NYC. I have to say it is the first time I have ever been scared of the flu and the shot itself. Everyone has got their opinion and everyone thinks they have the flu each time they get a cough. I never really thought twice about vaccinating them but of course like so many I am worried about something that hasn't been out there for years. Coolidge got his H1N1 vaccine and got sick about 5 days later. Part of me felt it was due to the vaccine but his doctor seems to believe he got a viral infection. He is the one with the degree and I truly have never met someone more brilliant, but the other part of me knows Coolidge and thinks he had a reaction. Other than that we have been having a great time.

Coolidge has been maturing so much. He has become a great bike rider and enjoys riding it to school a much as he can. He also is getting better at tying his shoes. Still gets a bit frustrated and takes some time but through practice is really getting the knack of it. He also lost his first tooth. He was so excited that he came into my room at 6:30 just to show me it was loose. He experienced his first friend putting doubt in his mind about the tooth fairy. He came out of school and told me that he heard the tooth fairy wasn't real. I'm sure Santa Clause is coming next. After talking to me about it he either believes she does exist or like so many is willing to over look his doubt to get the money left under his pillow. It is so fun to see how his face is changing just from tooth loss. He is now reading and comes home with reader books every day. I am impressed with how fast he is catching on. The cutest part is how excited he is to read his books at home. He sits down with them and tries to read as many words as he can and then comes up to me to ask what words he doesn't know. It is amazing how exciting it is to see your child learn something new. Coolidge is also 6 going on 13. For some reason he has gained quite the attitude. Sometimes I think it is funny and other times I want to smack the teenager out of him. I guess it is that age of trying to understand the world around you. He is still that kid who will wear just about anything I pull out of his drawer as long as it is not too tight or itches him. However, I am noticing that he cares what others say. When it came time to dress up for Halloween he did want to make a costume unless it was something cool. The shows he likes are starting to go from Little bear to Avatar and now he even likes iCarly or Zack and Cody. It is crazy how fast time goes by.

Brody too is growing and maturing so fast. He is doing great with potty training. Pooping on the potty is still very scary for him. Today he told me he had to go which was a big deal but once he got on there he got too scared to go. Small steps and soon we will be done with pull ups. Brody is in love with wolverine. He has about 3 or 4 wolverines and loves them all in different ways. he dressed up as wolverine for Halloween and loved his costume. I couldn't believe he kept his mask on for about 3 hours straight. Brody too loves his bike and because he rides it so much he practically ran it into the ground after only 5 months. The skuut company sent us a new one because it had a one year warranty. Brody has become quite the playmate for his friends and brother. It is always fun to see them go from alone toddler play to actually interacting and creating with other kids. Him and his brother have a lot in common but also the 3 year difference causes some big problems. Coolidge gets frustrated with him and Brody gets angry at his brother's ability to tease him. Brody has been apart of the babysitting coop for a little while now and really enjoying it. He looks forward to Eliza and Martin coming over and also going to their house. They love the letter of the day and what new project they will do. They have really become the 3 musketeers and sometimes fight like siblings.

Ben is doing well. I am sad to say he got sick on his birthday so we never got to go out and celebrate. I was looking forward to going to dinner and a movie with him. It is not very often that I get to do it and I miss it. He has been working so hard. For those of you who haven't seen it, Ben entered Obama's health care reform challenge. He made a great 30 second commercial staring my little Coolidge. If you haven't seen it you should check it out now. It was not easy making that commercial but so fun to see how it turned out. Ben's editing skills just keep getting better. He is working on another project that I will be so excited to post in the near future.

We had a great Halloween. We had a few friends over here for some food before going trick or Treating. I was worried that it might be a bit crazy in this apartment with all the kids bouncing off the walls and that it was so warm but I have to say they were so well behaved that I was able to handle the fact that I was sweating and my face wouldn't stop itching. Coolidge was a werewolf and Brody of course Wolverine. You have no idea how many stores I went to to get the claws. They didn't quite fit him but he didn't care he loved them anyway. They both put on their costume about a dozen time leading up to Halloween. At least we got our money worth. I imagine Brody will continue to wear it until he finds a new love.

I'm excited to tell you that we are heading home this Saturday for a whole week. Cindy was kind enough to fly me out so I could celebrate her success with Towelocs. I can't tell you how proud I am of her and how excited to see where her new invention goes from here. My mom has been sweet enough to help me fly the boys out with me. I couldn't imagine making a trip home without my boys. They have been longing to go back since we got home. It has been 13 years since I have been home in November. It will be nice to have a pretend Thanksgiving with my family and see my girl Cindy show off her stuff. She entered in contest also for new entrepreneurs and did very well. She was able to make some great connections and face her fear of getting up in front of people she doesn't know. It is hard to put yourself out there along with spending your money not knowing if you will make it back. If you haven't seen you website you really should check it out. I have her towelocs in my bathroom and now can't live without them. I found myself picking those towels up a dozen times and now they stay right where I placed them every time. Once you get to website check out the video Ben helped her create to show how her product works.