Monday, February 09, 2009

Growing up

It so wonderful to see your kids grow and change. It is also very hard. Coolidge recently had his first Karate class. We have been meaning to put him in one but I felt it may be too much with school. I soon realized that school does not wear him out enough. I figured once school started all he would want to do is go home and veg out. My boy has been bouncing off the walls since after the first week. We started him in Hockey which even getting home at 8:00 didn't seem to tire him out. My boy never seems tired. So we decided Karate was something we could add to his week. It was so fun to see him punch, kick, and even do push ups and sit ups. I knew he would be in his element and he loved it. What made me the most proud was seeing him play hockey for the first time. I was dreading taking him because it was very cold and I had to bring Brody with me. He was a champ. He showed me how to put the uniform on and grabbed his stick and jammed out on the ice with his coaches and team mates. I couldn't believe how good he was. I was smiling from ear to ear not because he could skate so well, but because of his determination. He did the drills the best he could and if he fell he got right back up and continued working. I now knew why Ben had no problem being out there in the cold. Seeing your child learn something new and enjoy it is like no other feeling. I had heard people tell me but again you have to experience it to know what I mean.

Today I experience one of the hard parts of watching your child get older. there's a boy that comes to the playground once in awhile. He is a bit of a bully and seems to be attracted to my son. I am sure it is partly because he is close to the same age and because Coolidge is easy for him to boss around. I watch them play and I can see how the boy is manipulating him. I want to interrupt the play but I know it is something Coolidge needs to learn on his own. The boy also loves to wrestle with Coolidge. Coolidge loves it also so I allow them to do it. The boy is very aggressive an also a little bigger than my son. I watch them while I try to have a conversation with my friends but it is very hard for me to pay attention because I am fearful that Coolidge will get hurt. I was constantly looking to see if Coolidge was crying but each time he is smiling and going back for more. The mother in me can feel in my bones that I should stop it but my brain tells me to let him be a boy. I am amazed at all the emotions I feel. I see Coolidge pin him down and in my head I am saying, "yeah!" The men at the playground see my body language and say its alright he's a boy and that's what they do. The women are looking at me shaking their heads like what are you going to do. I went to the playground to relax and I am now super tense. I also think it is hard for me to allow that sort of play with this specific kid because I have seen how he treats Coolidge. However, I kept my distance and hung in there. Part of me thought of myself as a child. I always befriended that type of kid because as you get older having him on your side was much better than having him on the other. Watching your child deal with these struggles are one of the hardest parts of parenting.

Brody is also growing so fast. He all of the sudden is speaking more clearly and in full sentences. For quite awhile he would walk around the house destroying anything Coolidge created. Coolidge would start to scream and explaining to a 2 year old you can't do that is like talking to the wall. Lately he has been joining Coolidge in his play and building along side him. It is so wonderful to see them enjoy each other. Don't get me wrong they also fight but this is the first time I have seen them communicate with each other and create a game that they both enjoyed. Brody even plays with his friends differently. Instead of that side by side play they are interacting with each other a little here and there.

The winter here in NY has been one of the worst that I can remember. I have had to be real creative at doing indoor activities and for the first time feel as though 40 degrees is considered warm weather. Everybody in my house is ready for spring. Coolidge keeps talking about all the summer stuff he wants to do.

I spent this last month dealing with a lot of problems. We didn't have heat for almost 3 weeks so I spent a lot of time on the phone trying to get my rent reduced. It is amazing to me how hard it is to deal with these sorts of problems. I was advised that I could get my rent reduced but I would have to go through many actions before it happened. Once I realized I didn't have solid proof and I would have to take him to court to get what I wanted, I took his offer which was 1/4 of my rent reduced. After all of that I then found a mouse lurking through my home. All of the work they did on my pipes left holes for these disgusting creatures to get into my tiny apartment. I now have all the holes plugged up and even caught one of those damn rodents but I still have a little mickey running around here out foxing my traps. I never thought something so small could consume my life.

I also have wonderful news about a couple of my good friends. Sara gave birth to her third son, 4th child, Peter Benjamin Bishop. I am so excited for her and her family. I don't have any pictures of baby Pete but from what she tells me he looks just like Sam. My other friend Kate gave birth to her little baby girl, Lila Dean. Lila came a week early and is just the sweetest little baby. I wish them both all the best.