Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I haven't had much time to write my blog lately. Every minute of my free time has gone to knitting or home improvements. I have been knitting like crazy because so many of my girl friends are having babies at the same time. I am also enjoying how i have taken my knitting to a new level. We have also made a lot of improvements to our home. Brody and Coolidge out grew the baby room so we moved Brody out of his crib. It was so weird to take the crib apart and get rid of it. We have had a crib for 6 years. We went to Ikea and got the boys bunk beds. It is so funny and cute to see Brody in his big boy bed. He is a little jealous that Coolidge gets to sleep up top but I told him he will get his turn when he gets a little older. They both have been doing well with the change. Brody stays in his bed and I put up a rail just so he wouldn't fall out. He is all over that bed so it is a good thing I put it up or I am sure I would find him on the floor a few times.

We also made a lot of changes to our apartment. I can't tell you how many things we have put together and moved around. I know all of you couples who have put an Ikea piece together know just how crazy it can make you. I bet there must be some correlation of Ikea and divorce rate. I know you Ikea folks reading this are laughing because you have sat on the ground looking at those damn directions fighting about what you did wrong. No matter how frustrating it is you still go back because that damn Ikea has such cute stuff. Anyway we survived and the place looks great. I am in love with my refrigerator. We upgraded because I spend more time going in and out of it than I have ever done in my life. I figure i should at least enjoy it. Well now i love to open my fridge and just a slight improvement has made my life all that easier. That alone is priceless.

Coolidge is doing great. His hockey skills have gotten better and better. I can't believe he made it through the whole season and never said he didn't want to go. I watched him learn so many ice skating skills and on his first day he couldn't even stay up. Today he had his last day and he said he was sad it was over. I am curious if that enthusiasm will still be there next year. He also got his first report card. I use the word "card" loosely because it was more like a book. The teacher said some wonderful things about him but once she mentioned he had a problem paying attention during certain activities he got very upset. He started to cry and said he didn't want to read it anymore. The idea of disappointing me and Ben is very upsetting to him. I explained to him that it is ok and that I am very proud of him. I never thought he would cry or get upset over a report card until high school. I forgot how sensitive he is. It has helped with many things because he does struggle with staying attentive. I laugh because I just figured all 5 year olds are like him. I am just so proud of him that I never thought to see this as a problem.

All of these new activities that Coolidge is now involved in has been a new experience for all of us. I am now juggling so many different things. Also Brody is tagging along and getting bored and yelling, "I don't want to go to Karate." I always watched other mom's do it but never understood how much work went into it all. I don't drive to these classes so my stroller is packed like a mach truck and I am getting quite the work out pushing it all around with my tank of a son in the front seat. Brody is a mover and wants to be doing something all the time. I just started to see a change in him. He has a playdate that he is involved with 3 days a week and he and Martin have become very destructive. I turn around and they have taken every book off the book case along with dumping all the toys on the whole floor is covered. I now see that just them entertaining each other is starting to bore them so I am now incorporating more activities. I have to say I was enjoying that little down time but also happy because I know he is getting ready to learn even more.

Ben is back to making films he is currently working on a web documentary. It is his first time making this sort of film and I believe you will all enjoy it when it is finished. It is great to see him making a film and watching him get excited about his project. I can't wait for him to finish editing it so I can share it all with you guys.

Spring is just about here and it is great to be outside a bit more. Nothing like NYC in the spring. I also thought you would enjoy seeing my little video of my hockey player.