Saturday, November 27, 2010


November is almost over and Christmas is just around the corner. Time seems to be just flying by this fall. The weather has been beautiful and we have been so busy. Both of my boys are in school now and for some reason I am busier than ever. I am so proud of my self because almost a year ago I went on Weight Watchers. I was on it for 3 months and lost about 10lbs. I was able to get down to my pre pregnancy weight and keep it off. Now the challenge will be to keep it off during the holidays. It wasn't easy in the beginning and as long as I am mindful of what I am eating and how much, I am all good. I refuse to gain it back and I think that is all the will power I need.

We had a great October. This year we celebrated Halloween about 3 different times. The kids just love dressing up. Kerry threw a great party at her house. She did such a wonderful job decorating that each time I turned around I was wowed. Brody was quite scared but once he took it all in and realized none of it was real he was able to run around with complete ease. This year the candy was filled to the brim in their buckets. Usually I would have loved it but now when I see that I think of a stomach ache and cavities. I guess that makes me officially old. We went pumpkin picking and this would be our second time. This year I realized that it is more work than fun. The kids whine, it is crowded and the drive is long. Next year I am taking them to Stew Leonards. They have more fun doing that and it is much easier. However, maybe it was the accident we were in on our way home that put the damper on the whole experience. Nobody was hurt accept my car. A semi truck moved into our lane while we were still in it. Sounds worse than it was because we were only driving 5 miles per hour. Because of its sheer size our car looks like someone took a can opener to it. She only had a few scratches but we had $3,500 worth of damages on ours. She lied and said I came into her lane and because it was her word against mine she didn't have to pay a cent. I hate when that sort of thing happens. Too many good things are happening in my life for me to think about her lieing any more.

My sister Brandi had a baby girl recently. Her name is Morgan Lorraine. From what I see in the photos, Logan is so very excited to take care of his baby sister. I heard the birth was much easier this time around and they are all doing well. She lives in Colorado so I am only able to love her through pictures but can't wait to get my hands on her this summer. Congratulations to Brandi and Jeremy.

At the beginning of fall Coolidge didn't show much interest in doing ice hockey this season. But then one day we were walking home past the rink and he saw all these boys carrying their hockey gear and turned to me and said, " I do want to play hockey." I had never seen that look in his face towards any sports so the only thing left for me to do was get him signed up. So he is back in Hockey and his first day was not a good one. He didn't have all his equipment, the skates were too big and he had to be out in the cold until after 8 pm. Yet he came home didn't complain and wants to go back next week. I love his determination. He lost both his front teeth so he really looks like a hockey player.

Brody is very athletic and seems to take on just about anything that comes his way but ice skating is not something he seems to even think twice about. However, we did get him on the ice today and he did very well for his first time. The only problem now is that he got a blister and believes he will get one every time he skates. We will see if I can get him on there again. Sometimes the pain is out of sight then out of mind but Brody has a great memory and I think this will be something he wont forget. He loves riding his scooter and his bike. He has hurt himself many times but for some reason the love of doing it out weighs the memory of the pain. I just don't think he loves skating enough to forget.

We just celebrated Thanksgiving. The day before we went to 81st street to see them blow up the balloons. In the 15 years I have been living here this is my first time. It was very cool to see them up close and personal. The boys loved it. Brody was constantly worried they would pop. but for the most part he loved seeing them. Coolidge wanted to go to the parade. I told him when he can show me that he can do other activities without whining then I will get up at the crack of dawn and take him to the parade. Maureen and Alan hosted dinner this year and it was a lot of fun. I have so much to be thankful for. I am blessed to have 2 beautiful boys who make me smile and laugh. I am married to the best husband I could have ever asked for. I married into the most wonderful in laws around. They make me feel like I have been their family since birth. Being so far from home it is nice to know that I have them to call on if I ever need and believe me I have needed. My family at home in Seattle is amazing also. I am surrounded by love and support and that is what I am thankful for. However, I am sorry that we lost a family member recently. My grandpa Bob Peek passed on in October. He was a very sweet loving man and I will miss him greatly.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Our summer has slowly come to and end. Yes, technically summer is over but here in NYC the warm weather has been sticking with us. It has helped prolong my tan arms and face. When we got back from Seattle we had one or two more picnics with friends. I have to say we didn't picnic nearly as much this summer. As our kids are getting older I am noticing we and our friends are all over the place. It takes miracle to get the whole gang to meet up. We also managed to get one more day swimming outside Labor day weekend with our good friends.

After Labor the kids started school. Coolidge couldn't wait to get back. He missed his budies and was excited to see what his new teacher had planned for the year. Coolidge has his first male teacher this year. I think he will respond well because I notice he responds differently to my male friends than he does the women. During the summer Brody wanted nothing to do with school. As the summer came to and end and we took him shopping for a new back pack, shoes and lunch box, he was ready to go just so he could show everyone his new stuff. His first day went well but in his head school was for one day and then he was done and he could go back to his regular schedule of hanging with me. When he realized he had to go everyday he started to whine and complain and say he didn't like school. I think what made it hard was that we kept telling him he was going to school with his brother, but he never saw him and he didn't know any of the kids his class. I think if he had his best buddy Martin with him he would have been able to adjust faster. However, he goes every day and as long as I walk him to his room, help him put his bag in his cubby, find a book for book exchange, and sit with him in the library to read him a story, he says goodbye with a kiss and says see you later. It melts my heart like you wouldn't believe. The first full day I watched the clock waiting for 2:50 so I could see his little face walk out and know he was happy. I didn't have this experience with Coolidge. I believe it is partly due to the fact that I had Brody occupying my time and the other part of me feels it is because he is my last baby. He has said goodbye to the stroller and only needs his pink nye nye when he sleeps. At the beginning of summer I never would have believed he could go to school without his blanket. I knew that wasn't going to be a problem after bringing it with us to the labor day weekend picnic. He asked me to hide it because he didn't want his friends to see it. I almost fell off my chair.

Both the boys started swim lessons this year. I thought it was silly to pay a ton of money to introduce them to the water and it seemed like they didn't actually start teaching them anything until they were 4. Ben spent many summer days teaching Coolidge how to swim and I have to say he has done a good job. Coolidge is swimming like a fish but I wanted him to learn some new techniques and since Brody won lessons from the school raffle I thought it was the perfect time. Coolidge was dying to get in the pool but Brody was terrified to go in without his floaties or me. I told him she would take good care of him but it was written all over his face that he didn't believe me. Luckily I had to watch him from the balcony or I would have been in the pool with him. It took him a few minutes but once he saw that he could trust her he was doing things I have never been able to get him to do even with floaties. I sat their tears rolling down my face smiling form ear to ear watching my little boy grow in front of my eyes. This has been a whole new change for me. Both my boys are maturing so fast. I have been waiting for these days since they were born because the two of them have been so attached to me. I am enjoying the freedom but the mommy in me is longing for another baby. Don't start to freak out on me. I am not about to have another, I am just feeling a sadness I never predicted.

We flew home home to see my little sister Lindsy get married. I can't believe the little girl I used to dress up and torture from time to time is all grown up and married. The boys were so excited to be able to go back to Seattle and see their Aunt tie the knot. During the summer they were so excited that Shawn was going to become their uncle. Shawn is a great guy and I am so happy to have him in our family. Our crew just keeps getting bigger and bigger and the kids just love it.

It was a crazy busy week but so nice to be in Seattle and the weather was amazing. Some how we were able to pack in as much as possible and my sister Christie, Ben and I were able to see a movie. I managed to get half my Christmas shopping done, cook dinner for family and friends and get my hair done. However, I wouldn't have been able to do any of it if it wasn't for my mom. She takes great care of us and loves babysitting because then the boys give all their attention to her. Even though now she has to share some of the attention because she has a new puppy that my boys can't keep their hands off. Coco is so used to nothing but naps, treats, pooping, and more naps. But when my boys are in town she see's more action than she knows what to do with. After we leave both Bonnie and Coco go into hibernation just to get re energized for us to come back this summer.

Ben, the boys and I wished we could've stayed longer. Ben and I were dying to be a part of Eric's big 40th Birthday bash and a week just isn't long enough. The boys needed to get back to school and they missed one swim lesson. Coolidge also lost his front tooth and they needed to see the dentist. Soon after we got back I took them both to have their teeth checked. It was Brody's first time and Coolidge's first first time experiencing plaque being scraped from his teeth. They both did well and were given great reports on their teeth. We are home and back to the grind of everyday life. I miss waking up to my mom feeding the kids and making me coffee but it is also nice to be back.

Ben has retired from catering (again) and is a full time filmmaker. It is nice to see him do what he loves and have him home at night like most husbands. Ben has many talents and I respect his opinion more than he knows. Yesterday, he complimented me on some photos I took over the summer. Coming from him those words made me feel better than diamonds on my birthday.

We are looking forward to fall and winter months. My boys and I just loves these next few holidays. Hope you all are doing well.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Summer 2010

We had one great summer this year. As most of you know I just love NYC but in the summer if you don't have money it is hard to have fun with two little kids everyday. It gets very hot and humid and the playground and pool gets to be a bit boring for 2 months straight. This year the flights were extremely over priced so I decided to spend most of the summer in Seattle. I only go home once a year so I figured why not expand my visit this year to 6 1/2 weeks where the weather is cool and I have more help than I know what to do with. I purchased my tickets in July and a week later we were on a plane. I have never done that before. I usually get my tickets months in advance but this year the prices wouldn't go down, if anything they kept going up.

Kerry and Faan started the summer off right when they were kind enough to host a bbq at there house in the Poconos for the 4th of July. We had a great time and the kids got their first experience with sparklers. They spent the whole day running around playing on the water slide and swinging on the home made swing that Coolidge believes is as much fun as a roller coaster. Brody burned his finger on the sparkler and I think it will take years for him to pick up another.

Thanks to some friends of mine we discovered Robert Moses beach. We went twice before we headed to Seattle and I'm planning on going at least one more time before the summer is over. It is a great beach for families. Before kids Ben and I used to go to Jones beach but we couldn't stand it back then because of all the young adults who go to party and get picked up. To paint a picture for you think of the Jersey Shore kids and multiply it by 1,000. I know you can understand why it wasn't our favorite. The first time we went there the water was so rough that Coolidge and Brody only went in up to their ankles. I watched Ben get knocked around over and over but yet he still went back for more. The second time the waves were a lot more tame and even Coolidge tried body surfing for the first time. I can see that he loves it as much as his dad.

Our trip to Seattle was packed full of family, friends and fun. For the first time my flight going to Seattle was a breeze. Both my boys have matured quite a bit and because they are such pros at flying they made life so easy for me. As some of you know I fly with a huge bag of tricks to keep them entertained and we only went through a quarter of it. It has helped with my anxiety for flying back in a month. While we were home we vacationed at Sun Lakes with my siblings and parents. We do it every year and each year is a little different. This year we played on the water but made sure to spend family time together. We managed to put two teams together for a game of wooffle ball. Shawn and his muscles almost put the game to a halt when he smacked a huge dent into the ball. Luckily we had two balls and told Shawn to take it down a notch. It was the first time that we have ever played a game all at the same time. Usually our games don't allow all of us to play and it sucks because our crew are players and nobody likes to be left out. We also all learned from last years accidents that we all need to act our age. The group of us keeps getting larger and some how we all make it work. My boys love going there and they never want to go home.

While I was home I was able to attend my sister Lindsy's wedding showers. she had one for family and one for friends. They were both special and allowed me to see family and friends that I haven't seen in years. I have to say my favorite was the one on Whideby Island. However, how could you not have fun when your host lives on a beautiful beach and Debbie is just fun people. I wanted to take my boys because they just love the beach but I chose to go by myself because I knew that once I get back to NYC me time would be far and few between. I am so excited to see Lindsy and Shawn get married in October. Shawn is someone I have gotten to know over the last couple years and I have to say he is a great guy and am happy that Lindsy and Tyson will have someone like him.

I also celebrated my 20 year reunion. I had mixed feelings about going. Partly because facebook has connected me and so many of my old school mates that I wonder if I needed to pay $70 to find out all the stuff I already knew. Then I came to my senses and realized that it would be fun to see them all in person and talk about old times and new. It was much better than the 10 year and I had an absolute blast. However, I had a great time with all of these people in high school so I am not at all surprised that I could still have a blast with them 20 years later. Some of them I couldn't stop hugging because it was so surreal to see them. I also realized I don't want to wait another 10 years until I see them.

This year we were blessed to have so many friends invite us to go on their boats and visit their water front houses so me, Ben and the kids got so many chances to be in and near the water. One of my favorite experiences was the Schuller's inviting us to visit their place on Camano Island. They took us out on their boat to a little private beach where we drank wine and feasted on fresh caught crab while the kids built a fort out of drift wood. Coolidge and Brody were in heaven with all the little nature treasures around them.

This summer was a lot different with the boys. After Brody turned 4 their relationship changed. They have always had a bond but now they really enjoy playing with one another. Brody finally grew out of the destruction age and enjoys building along side his brother and loves the same sort of games. Don't get me wrong life is not all easy they can fight like you wouldn't believe but for the most part they get each other and need me just a little less. My mother spoiled me by waking up with them feeding them and babysitting when ever I needed. I was able to find time to read, knit, play cards and just sit on my favorite outside chair relax. At the beginning of summer Brody didn't want anything to do with starting school. After doing some school shopping for a new Wolverine back pack and Spiderman sneakers he has warmed up to the idea. He is still nervous but loves the idea of going to school with his big brother. Coolidge is quite funny because he loves playing with Brody but there are times when Brody gets on his nerves and he screams at him. As soon as Brody settles down and falls asleep for a nap you would think Coolidge would take that time to enjoy all the toys without his brother bugging him, but no, it drives him crazy and for some reason he can't have complete fun until his brother wakes up. It drives me mad.

We spent 3 and 1/2 weeks in Seattle without Ben. Thank goodness we were so busy and so was he because that is a long time to be without my cutie. He took advantage of the time and made a few short documentaries for TurnHere. They asked their filmmakers to find stories in their area to submit to Yahoo for a new series. Because Ben and a few other filmmakers did such a great job Yahoo started a deal and they plan to use these docs in the future. TurnHere and Studio Now seem to be impressed with Ben's work because he is working for both of them full time. He upgraded his video equipment which should help him to get more jobs from other companies along with higher paying gigs. I am very proud of him and excited for his new adventures. I am hoping that once both boys are in school I will be able to assist him on his shoots and lighten his work load. We are not great at putting together Ikea furniture but I think I can handle his grunt work.
It was one super fun summer this year. I am very happy to be able to spend so much time at home with my family and friends. When I got home I did experience a bit of a culture shock that I didn't anticipate. I became so used to driving everywhere, putting groceries in the car, no schlepping to the park and quiet dark nights. When I spent my first day at home I noticed we had no food so I had to get my boys motivated to walk to the store, carry my heavy bags home in the hot sun and then pack a huge bag so we could go to the park which included a towel bathing suits, snacks, drinks, magazine, and sunglasses. I sat on a hard bench instead of my moms shaded swing chair and sweated my ass off. Then I schlepped them back to feed them bathe them and go to sleep with all the yelling, sirens, music and car alarms. I then realized this is why I escape to Seattle for my summer. I love NYC but sometimes I wish I could have both.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Family in town

My family came to town and we had the busiest best time ever. I just love having them here and showing them around is so fun that I completely forget how exhausted I am and crowded it is in my apartment until they are about to leave. Each time they come we see something different. This time around we checked out the Statue of Liberty. I took my younger sister Brandi there a long time ago and assumed we would have a similar experience. Well I couldn't have been more wrong. It was a lot of lines, waiting and airport security. When I went the first time it was before 9/11 and a completely different experience. However, as much work as it was I loved that I got to do it with my mom, sister, her kids, and my boys. Coolidge has wanted to see Ms. Liberty for quite some time and he loved seeing her up close and inside. We also got a chance to see a small part of wall street. In the photo at the top of my blog we are standing in front of the bull. The kids loved climbing on it and Henry even took a photo caressing the balls. they also got to see some very high tech security. As you all know we have had some terrorist problems in the past and still do, so life has changed quite a bit since I moved here.

On our second day in NYC we traveled on down to Chinatown and worked our way up through Little Italy and over to Soho. Chinatown was a hit for everyone. Little Italy was great because we had some yummy expensive pizza that was recommended to us the night before. Soho was great because we bought lots of street jewelry, bags and art. I love that Coolidge found a picture of a Andrewsarchus that he just couldn't live without. He is just like his dad. My mother and sister got a chance to have quite a few Asian ladies whisper in their year about bags and jewelry. When I first moved here, you could buy a fake bag or jewelry with complete ease, now you have to follow someone into a building up some stairs and into a tiny closet where they show you any designer of your choice. Or you have a lady who walks up to you with a long sleeve shirt in 85 degree weather because her arms are strapped with fake Tiffany bracelets. It is hilarious and quite dirty. I find the people in Chinatown to be completely rude and it always puts me in a bad mood after being there too long. I loved seeing the kids go crazy over the trinkets and watching Kendal and Henry eat things they had never seen before.
We were exhausted from running all over town so we were ready to drive to the Jersey shore. this will be our 4th year that we have vacationed together near Ocean City, New Jersey. We know the area well now but yet we still managed to find something we had never done before. The kids are all bigger now so we are able to spend more time doing each thing. I was smart enough to bring Brody's stroller this year because I knew he would poop out and would take a nap as long as he had his pink nye nye. Memorial day weekend was great weather so we spent those two days at the beach. We had a great time but because none of us had really been in the sun since last summer there were a few burns and some hives. We also experienced some firsts. Ben bought a boogie board and all of the kids got a turn on it, even Brody.
The water was cold. If you stayed in it too long your body parts started to go numb. However, it was warm enough that you didn't you only were numb for a few minutes. The boys were dying to get back on the go carts. Henry was praying that he was tall enough to drive one by himself and my boys just couldn't wait to race around. With the help of grandma's thick flip flops Henry got his first drive of a go cart. We checked out a new beach (at least for us) called WildWoods. We were told it was one of New Jersey best beaches and had more rides than Disney land. It was a much longer drive but we were willing to do it just to try it out. Not all of the rides were open but it was still quite a blast. Coolidge got to ride on some much more mature rides than he has ever been on. It was so fun to see his face light up from that crazy feeling you get in your belly when you are excited and scared at the same time. His favorite was the roller coaster ride. I don't know who was more scared, grandma or Coolidge. This was Brody's first time on any ride other than a merry go round. He loved the balloon Ferris wheel. He made me ride on it with him 2 times. In the past we have spent numerous days at the pool and this time around the weather was so good that we spend more days at the beach. There didn't seem to be any boredom this time around. I love that the kids are getting old enough to do more but I also notice we are spending much more money and how tired we are after each day. We had a great time and I can't thank my mom enough for coming out to the east coast and helping bring my sister and the kids along with spoiling us rotten. She loves to see us smile and somehow manages to do something special for everyone of us.

Now we are back and I am getting ready to celebrate the boys birthday. I can't believe Coolidge will be 7 and Brody will be 4. It seems like just yesterday that I gave birth to Coolidge. their age is the reason I am planning to spend most of the summer in Seattle. I figure I only have a short time before they are like their cousins, consumed with sports and school events and then we will barely have any time at all. Coolidge will be going into 2nd grade and Brody is starting preschool this September. For the first time I will be out of baby life. Part of me loves that idea and the other wants to have another. Don't freak out because I am not about to get pregnant, I just can't imagine not having a little one by my side all day long. Brody is my little side kick and I have to say, as much as I am going to love my freedom, I am going to miss my little buddy.

My sister Lindsy is getting married this fall. She will be the last sister to tie the knot. She is marrying a great guy named Shawn. I am looking forward to seeing her get married in October. I am hoping to bring the whole family with me but the way the airfares are right now I think it may just be me. I am so excited to get home and try on my brides maids dress and be a part of her bridal shower. I know that she is so happy and being so far away I don't get to see much of anything. She is sweet enough to schedule stuff while I am there. They just bought a home, a dog and I just know a baby will be happening right after they tie they get hitched. Speaking of babies my other sister Brandi is preggos. She is only a few months and I can't wait to see her and her belly bump. I know her move to Colorado has made her pregnancy a bit difficult so I am sure she is excited to get to Seattle also. I have been knitting lately and can't wait for her to find out the sex so I can make her little baby something special. It is safe to say I am hoping she is having a girl because they are more fun to knit and shop for. Plus we have enough boys in this family. I love all the boys but the testosterone has got to even out with some estrogen. Funny thing growing up it was always all girls and now it is the opposite.

Ben is doing well. He is thriving with his film making. He has made over 15 web profiles for many different types of companies. TurnHere seems to like his work because they call him quite often and they even honored him with video of the week. It is nice to see him so happy and working in film more than he is catering. Looking forward to the day he is a full time filmmaker and catering is a distant memory. One of the things I love about Ben is how much he loves playing with the kids. It was fun to see him boogie board surfing and laughing his butt off on the rides with them. He has been working so hard and the boys just loved having his attention.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Great start in the new Decade

Well spring seems to be here and winter was brutal as always. It is so funny to see the change in NY'ers when the sun starts to warm everything up. It puts a smile on every one's face and makes ever day activities much easier. We put the sled away and am happy to say that we got some good sledding in this year. The kids really found a love for it and the snow which made my life just that much easier during the long snowy days.

Winter was long but very productive. I wrote in my last blog that Ben and I were starting Weight watchers. Well now we have been on it for a couple months. We started with a 3 month trial and just now we are feeling like we don't need their help anymore. I have to say it was one of the best choices we've made. The both of us have never had to restrain what we ate until after Coolidge was born. We went from being out all the time and super busy to spending most of our free time just hanging out in the house with our new baby. I now look back and realize how it created bad eating habits for the both of us. Now that the kids are getting older we are out more and busy again. We now realized we had to give up the excuses of the weight gain and bad habits. Ben has lost 10.5 lbs and I have lost almost 5.5. We both feel great and love the idea that we are starting spring with the weight off. Usually at this time of year Ben and I would be shedding the coats and sweaters and realizing we need to get on a diet. However, this year we are happy to take our coat off and those extra lbs are gone. The best part of weight watchers is that you are not on a diet but just making better choices. The first week was brutal and after the second week we felt great because we were both losing weight and we didn't feel hungry. The hardest part was what I like to call, our demon. Both Ben and I are late night munchers. We put the kids to bed and start snacking on all the junk food that we buy for the kids and even some little treats we had hidden for ourselves. We went from being able to eat whatever and whenever we wanted to having to think, count, and change our choices. Quiting the late night eating was like going through rehab. I think that is why it made the first week the hardest. I have to say both Ben and I still struggle at night, but the weight loss keeps us trucking through it. Doing it together was the best because we had each others support and we are eating the same food. After about a month into I started working out and Ben started about a week ago. We knew we would need to do it to reach our goal. I would like to lose 5 more lbs and Ben pretty much has met his initial goal. He would like to trim down just a bit more. For anybody out there struggling I highly recommend Weight Watchers. We will no longer be a paying member but will be life long followers. I have to say Kate was a huge inspiration for me. I watched the pounds fall off of her over time and was impressed with her control when others were indulging. I've always came up with excuses of why not to do Weight Watchers. I believed it was a big scam when in reality you don't need to pay someone to do something you already know. Well I was wrong, I did need something to help with the portion control and calorie counting. It made it easy to see how many calories I was eating each day (no wonder I had gained so much and couldn't lose it). When you have to input your points everyday you realize by the end of the day there is no room for more snacking. Kate gave me great ideas for filling foods and how to eat more food with less points which then allowed me to be able to have one snack in the evening. I feel like we are now in control and as long as we keep this up we should lose a little more and be able to maintain it for a life time.

Coolidge has just finished hockey season. I am again so impressed at how fast he learns. He went from learning to skate to whizzing around the rink pushing a puck around with the stick. He recently had a half day at school so me and Brody went to meet him for lunch at his school. Coolidge is not one to show his excitement but he was beaming with pride when his brother sat next to him at the lunch table. I chose to stand behind them while Coolidge introduced him to all his classmates. Because we had so much fun Brody asks when we are going back. Coolidge can't wait for the day that they are going to school together. Brody is his best friend.

Brody seems very excited about the idea of school. I also wonder how easy the transition will be because he is my little shadow. I have a feeling it will be easier than Coolidge's first day but he is quite the momma's boy so I believe there will be a few tears. I officially registered him for next year and noticed that it has prompted many to ask me if I am going back to work. I am always fascinated why so many are concerned about me going back to work. I could care less if any of my family or friends stay at home with their children or choose to be a working mom. However, for some reason it concerns quite a few people I know. I hate having to justify why I want to be home with my kids. I could understand if I was constantly complaining about my finances but I don't. I find it equally fascinating that so many people feel I am wasting my education, and because I don't work I must not be ambitious. Some women tell me I am lucky to be able to stay home. What they don't realize is that luck has nothing do it with it. I make many sacrifices to stay home and am happy to do it. I didn't have a stay at home mom and wished my mom was able to do it. I have to say that my mom worked her butt off to give me everything I had. She did a great job at masking how tired she really was. I keep telling people that I will probably go back to work next year but the truth is I don't want to. I love the idea of being able to be there at pick up, volunteer at the school, take them to after school sports and see every game. I know how much work goes into teaching. I don't want to have to juggle both. I would if I had to because we are not able to to make it on Ben's income alone but I would rather have the freedom to take care of my family in any way that they need. I have struggled with the idea of opening my own cafe. I love the idea but I know how much work goes into it and I am not willing to sacrifice my time with my kids for it. My family is my passion and I couldn't be happier.
Ben is the happiest I have ever seen him. For the first time he is a full time film maker and part time cater waiter. TurnHere is very impressed with his work and are throwing jobs at him. In a short amount of time he has created 8 web commercials. He is also currently researching his next documentary and is getting great responses from "Drug policy" and "Young, black and Republican."
I hope all of you are doing well also. Love the comments so keep them coming.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Happy New Year! We had a great year. It was busy and full of changes and we were blessed to be able to spend a lot of time with family and friends. I hope this year will be just as good if not better. We had a great Christmas. My mother came into town a few days before the holiday. We spent Christmas eve with the Abel-Bey gang in Queens. We had a blast but we always do. Ben's family is always so great to me and my mom. It was so nice to have my mom here with us. This time she slept in the same room with the boys and they just love having her in there with them. Each morning she got up with them and let Ben and I sleep in for almost 2 weeks straight. The Monday after she left was brutal when my alarm went off. It was bitter cold so we didn't spend much time out during this trip but we still managed to do some fun stuff together. We were able to get some shopping done. My mom and I don't get to shop together much because the boys (and I mean Coolidge and Brody) don't like to shop unless toys are involved. However Ben loves to shop and he is one of my favorite people to shop with. He took the boys so my mom and I could spend some time together. My mother was the best and babysat a lot so Ben and I could spend some time together seeing movies and eating out. We are sad that we wont see her until the end of may. It would be nice if she lived closer so we could see her more often.

It has been so cold that I am longing for some warm sunny weather. I have tried to find ways to make it down to Florida but because I waited so long I can't seem to make it happen. Now I am just planning my summer vacations and hoping this winter will warm up a little. I also hope for some more snow. The boys got a new sled on Christmas day and all the snow came just before they got it. It would be fun to roll around and sled at least once more maybe even twice.

Coolidge got a Nintendo Ds for Christmas. He has been wanting one for so long. He must have asked about it everyday until Christmas morning. He is still a little young for it but he seems to be enjoying the games even though he can't play them as well as his cousins. He recently lost his second bottom front tooth. He lost it and put it under his pillow. This time the tooth fairy left him 2 dollars. He believes she will leave him a dollar for every tooth he loses, mainly because I told him she probably will. I took his first tooth and hid it because I wanted to put it in his baby book. Somehow it found its way on the floor and miraculously Coolidge found it. He walks up to me and asked me if it is his tooth. I suck at lying and said maybe. I thought I was busted but pulled out a good one and said maybe the tooth fairy dropped it on her way out. I said it's a good thing because I wanted to put it in the baby book. All I could think of is what are the odds...what are the odds! He has been very excited about growing up. His teacher told me that she has seen a difference in him this year because he loves being the older one in the class helping out the younger ones. Coolidge's school has combined classes so he has kindergarten and 1st graders in his class. I am not at all surprised that he likes being the helper because he loves to help Brody. He wishes Brody would ask for him more than he does me. I too wish that. He is just dying to have a pet. He would love it if I got him a dog. The truth is that I actually think he would be great with a dog. He has enough energy for one. The problem is I am allergic to them and our apartment landlord doesn't allow them. We also spend 4 to 5 weeks in Seattle every year. I used the Seattle excuse to him and I caught myself telling him we would have to get one small enough to take it with us. His eyes lit up and and said we could get a small fluffy one and take him to grandma's house. I got a kick out of the look on Bonnie's face of us showing up with a dog. I really do wish I could get them one but it would be sheer torture.
Brody is becoming quite the character. He makes me laugh everyday. His potty training has been a test of my patience and emotional strength. I tried to move forward by putting him in underpants and if he pooped in them enough times he would get sick of it and tell me he needs to go on the potty. Well it is safe to say he won that battle. He held it in and soiled his pants just a bit every 5-10 minutes until his but was raw with rash and I couldn't take cleaning all those underpants and watching him scream from the raw skin anymore. I realized after one week while talking to my mom that he just wasn't ready to let go of the diaper when pooping. I learned with Coolidge that when they are ready they will let you know and it is better for both parties to just let nature take control. I put a pull - up on him that next day and he let it all out and oh boy was he holding a lot in. I am most worried that he wont learn this task before he starts school in September. I can't even imagine him going to school. He is my little partner and loves to be with me. I envision me dropping him off at school and him crying, "I want to go home with you." I am tricking myself into believing that he will see his class love his teacher and I will be shocked and finally have that cry that most mothers have on the first day of school.
Ben and I have decided to change our way of eating. We made a life style change right after New Years. We started using Weight Watchers because we needed some serious guidance. We wanted to make this change because we both feel after the birth of Coolidge we have put on at least 10 extra lbs that just seems to linger around. We also want to feel better, be more energized and realize that the junk is just keeping us down. We've been on Weight Watchers for barely a week but so far it is going well. We realized we have been eating very poorly and know just how much calories we have been putting in our bodies. No wonder we couldn't lose weight and we have been slowly gaining over 6 years. for the first time I see food differently. I used to never care about calories or fat and would eat whatever I wanted and when. Because we walk so much here in NYC we haven't gained more. I am not an over eater but I now see that those foods are good once in awhile...every day is just not necessary.
I am happy that so many of you have been reading my blog and enjoying it. I started this in 2007 and am hoping you will continue to read and be apart of our family journey through my blog. Thanks for all the great comments and such sweet compliments. The truth is I have never been a confident writer and this blog is changing all of that. I wish you all a Happy New Year.