Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Happy New Year! We had a great year. It was busy and full of changes and we were blessed to be able to spend a lot of time with family and friends. I hope this year will be just as good if not better. We had a great Christmas. My mother came into town a few days before the holiday. We spent Christmas eve with the Abel-Bey gang in Queens. We had a blast but we always do. Ben's family is always so great to me and my mom. It was so nice to have my mom here with us. This time she slept in the same room with the boys and they just love having her in there with them. Each morning she got up with them and let Ben and I sleep in for almost 2 weeks straight. The Monday after she left was brutal when my alarm went off. It was bitter cold so we didn't spend much time out during this trip but we still managed to do some fun stuff together. We were able to get some shopping done. My mom and I don't get to shop together much because the boys (and I mean Coolidge and Brody) don't like to shop unless toys are involved. However Ben loves to shop and he is one of my favorite people to shop with. He took the boys so my mom and I could spend some time together. My mother was the best and babysat a lot so Ben and I could spend some time together seeing movies and eating out. We are sad that we wont see her until the end of may. It would be nice if she lived closer so we could see her more often.

It has been so cold that I am longing for some warm sunny weather. I have tried to find ways to make it down to Florida but because I waited so long I can't seem to make it happen. Now I am just planning my summer vacations and hoping this winter will warm up a little. I also hope for some more snow. The boys got a new sled on Christmas day and all the snow came just before they got it. It would be fun to roll around and sled at least once more maybe even twice.

Coolidge got a Nintendo Ds for Christmas. He has been wanting one for so long. He must have asked about it everyday until Christmas morning. He is still a little young for it but he seems to be enjoying the games even though he can't play them as well as his cousins. He recently lost his second bottom front tooth. He lost it and put it under his pillow. This time the tooth fairy left him 2 dollars. He believes she will leave him a dollar for every tooth he loses, mainly because I told him she probably will. I took his first tooth and hid it because I wanted to put it in his baby book. Somehow it found its way on the floor and miraculously Coolidge found it. He walks up to me and asked me if it is his tooth. I suck at lying and said maybe. I thought I was busted but pulled out a good one and said maybe the tooth fairy dropped it on her way out. I said it's a good thing because I wanted to put it in the baby book. All I could think of is what are the odds...what are the odds! He has been very excited about growing up. His teacher told me that she has seen a difference in him this year because he loves being the older one in the class helping out the younger ones. Coolidge's school has combined classes so he has kindergarten and 1st graders in his class. I am not at all surprised that he likes being the helper because he loves to help Brody. He wishes Brody would ask for him more than he does me. I too wish that. He is just dying to have a pet. He would love it if I got him a dog. The truth is that I actually think he would be great with a dog. He has enough energy for one. The problem is I am allergic to them and our apartment landlord doesn't allow them. We also spend 4 to 5 weeks in Seattle every year. I used the Seattle excuse to him and I caught myself telling him we would have to get one small enough to take it with us. His eyes lit up and and said we could get a small fluffy one and take him to grandma's house. I got a kick out of the look on Bonnie's face of us showing up with a dog. I really do wish I could get them one but it would be sheer torture.
Brody is becoming quite the character. He makes me laugh everyday. His potty training has been a test of my patience and emotional strength. I tried to move forward by putting him in underpants and if he pooped in them enough times he would get sick of it and tell me he needs to go on the potty. Well it is safe to say he won that battle. He held it in and soiled his pants just a bit every 5-10 minutes until his but was raw with rash and I couldn't take cleaning all those underpants and watching him scream from the raw skin anymore. I realized after one week while talking to my mom that he just wasn't ready to let go of the diaper when pooping. I learned with Coolidge that when they are ready they will let you know and it is better for both parties to just let nature take control. I put a pull - up on him that next day and he let it all out and oh boy was he holding a lot in. I am most worried that he wont learn this task before he starts school in September. I can't even imagine him going to school. He is my little partner and loves to be with me. I envision me dropping him off at school and him crying, "I want to go home with you." I am tricking myself into believing that he will see his class love his teacher and I will be shocked and finally have that cry that most mothers have on the first day of school.
Ben and I have decided to change our way of eating. We made a life style change right after New Years. We started using Weight Watchers because we needed some serious guidance. We wanted to make this change because we both feel after the birth of Coolidge we have put on at least 10 extra lbs that just seems to linger around. We also want to feel better, be more energized and realize that the junk is just keeping us down. We've been on Weight Watchers for barely a week but so far it is going well. We realized we have been eating very poorly and know just how much calories we have been putting in our bodies. No wonder we couldn't lose weight and we have been slowly gaining over 6 years. for the first time I see food differently. I used to never care about calories or fat and would eat whatever I wanted and when. Because we walk so much here in NYC we haven't gained more. I am not an over eater but I now see that those foods are good once in awhile...every day is just not necessary.
I am happy that so many of you have been reading my blog and enjoying it. I started this in 2007 and am hoping you will continue to read and be apart of our family journey through my blog. Thanks for all the great comments and such sweet compliments. The truth is I have never been a confident writer and this blog is changing all of that. I wish you all a Happy New Year.