Monday, March 22, 2010

Great start in the new Decade

Well spring seems to be here and winter was brutal as always. It is so funny to see the change in NY'ers when the sun starts to warm everything up. It puts a smile on every one's face and makes ever day activities much easier. We put the sled away and am happy to say that we got some good sledding in this year. The kids really found a love for it and the snow which made my life just that much easier during the long snowy days.

Winter was long but very productive. I wrote in my last blog that Ben and I were starting Weight watchers. Well now we have been on it for a couple months. We started with a 3 month trial and just now we are feeling like we don't need their help anymore. I have to say it was one of the best choices we've made. The both of us have never had to restrain what we ate until after Coolidge was born. We went from being out all the time and super busy to spending most of our free time just hanging out in the house with our new baby. I now look back and realize how it created bad eating habits for the both of us. Now that the kids are getting older we are out more and busy again. We now realized we had to give up the excuses of the weight gain and bad habits. Ben has lost 10.5 lbs and I have lost almost 5.5. We both feel great and love the idea that we are starting spring with the weight off. Usually at this time of year Ben and I would be shedding the coats and sweaters and realizing we need to get on a diet. However, this year we are happy to take our coat off and those extra lbs are gone. The best part of weight watchers is that you are not on a diet but just making better choices. The first week was brutal and after the second week we felt great because we were both losing weight and we didn't feel hungry. The hardest part was what I like to call, our demon. Both Ben and I are late night munchers. We put the kids to bed and start snacking on all the junk food that we buy for the kids and even some little treats we had hidden for ourselves. We went from being able to eat whatever and whenever we wanted to having to think, count, and change our choices. Quiting the late night eating was like going through rehab. I think that is why it made the first week the hardest. I have to say both Ben and I still struggle at night, but the weight loss keeps us trucking through it. Doing it together was the best because we had each others support and we are eating the same food. After about a month into I started working out and Ben started about a week ago. We knew we would need to do it to reach our goal. I would like to lose 5 more lbs and Ben pretty much has met his initial goal. He would like to trim down just a bit more. For anybody out there struggling I highly recommend Weight Watchers. We will no longer be a paying member but will be life long followers. I have to say Kate was a huge inspiration for me. I watched the pounds fall off of her over time and was impressed with her control when others were indulging. I've always came up with excuses of why not to do Weight Watchers. I believed it was a big scam when in reality you don't need to pay someone to do something you already know. Well I was wrong, I did need something to help with the portion control and calorie counting. It made it easy to see how many calories I was eating each day (no wonder I had gained so much and couldn't lose it). When you have to input your points everyday you realize by the end of the day there is no room for more snacking. Kate gave me great ideas for filling foods and how to eat more food with less points which then allowed me to be able to have one snack in the evening. I feel like we are now in control and as long as we keep this up we should lose a little more and be able to maintain it for a life time.

Coolidge has just finished hockey season. I am again so impressed at how fast he learns. He went from learning to skate to whizzing around the rink pushing a puck around with the stick. He recently had a half day at school so me and Brody went to meet him for lunch at his school. Coolidge is not one to show his excitement but he was beaming with pride when his brother sat next to him at the lunch table. I chose to stand behind them while Coolidge introduced him to all his classmates. Because we had so much fun Brody asks when we are going back. Coolidge can't wait for the day that they are going to school together. Brody is his best friend.

Brody seems very excited about the idea of school. I also wonder how easy the transition will be because he is my little shadow. I have a feeling it will be easier than Coolidge's first day but he is quite the momma's boy so I believe there will be a few tears. I officially registered him for next year and noticed that it has prompted many to ask me if I am going back to work. I am always fascinated why so many are concerned about me going back to work. I could care less if any of my family or friends stay at home with their children or choose to be a working mom. However, for some reason it concerns quite a few people I know. I hate having to justify why I want to be home with my kids. I could understand if I was constantly complaining about my finances but I don't. I find it equally fascinating that so many people feel I am wasting my education, and because I don't work I must not be ambitious. Some women tell me I am lucky to be able to stay home. What they don't realize is that luck has nothing do it with it. I make many sacrifices to stay home and am happy to do it. I didn't have a stay at home mom and wished my mom was able to do it. I have to say that my mom worked her butt off to give me everything I had. She did a great job at masking how tired she really was. I keep telling people that I will probably go back to work next year but the truth is I don't want to. I love the idea of being able to be there at pick up, volunteer at the school, take them to after school sports and see every game. I know how much work goes into teaching. I don't want to have to juggle both. I would if I had to because we are not able to to make it on Ben's income alone but I would rather have the freedom to take care of my family in any way that they need. I have struggled with the idea of opening my own cafe. I love the idea but I know how much work goes into it and I am not willing to sacrifice my time with my kids for it. My family is my passion and I couldn't be happier.
Ben is the happiest I have ever seen him. For the first time he is a full time film maker and part time cater waiter. TurnHere is very impressed with his work and are throwing jobs at him. In a short amount of time he has created 8 web commercials. He is also currently researching his next documentary and is getting great responses from "Drug policy" and "Young, black and Republican."
I hope all of you are doing well also. Love the comments so keep them coming.


  1. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Great Blog Andrea! Nothing is as important than happiness. So stay home and be happy and keep me laughing as you always do.I love you guys. MOM!!!

  2. Anonymous7:19 PM

    I agree with your mom, do what makes you happy. I love being home with Logan and couldn't imagine working right now. Getting an education isn't always about what job it will get you. It's a life experience that you will always have with you and will be there if/when you need it. Love reading your blog.

  3. Thanks guys it is nice to have such great support.

  4. Anonymous11:23 AM


    Nice thoughts and I agree, if you can be home for the kids, it is what life is really about. Blog note, the black background is harder to read than the white.

    Uncle Randy

  5. I worried that might be a problem. I liked the black because it made the photos pop. Tell me what you think of this background.

  6. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Congrats on your weight loss program....(as if you need to). Enjoy staying at home with the boys - time goes by way to fast. They will also remember this time of their life with you when they are older. Keep up the good work. ~Cheryle