Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Our summer has slowly come to and end. Yes, technically summer is over but here in NYC the warm weather has been sticking with us. It has helped prolong my tan arms and face. When we got back from Seattle we had one or two more picnics with friends. I have to say we didn't picnic nearly as much this summer. As our kids are getting older I am noticing we and our friends are all over the place. It takes miracle to get the whole gang to meet up. We also managed to get one more day swimming outside Labor day weekend with our good friends.

After Labor the kids started school. Coolidge couldn't wait to get back. He missed his budies and was excited to see what his new teacher had planned for the year. Coolidge has his first male teacher this year. I think he will respond well because I notice he responds differently to my male friends than he does the women. During the summer Brody wanted nothing to do with school. As the summer came to and end and we took him shopping for a new back pack, shoes and lunch box, he was ready to go just so he could show everyone his new stuff. His first day went well but in his head school was for one day and then he was done and he could go back to his regular schedule of hanging with me. When he realized he had to go everyday he started to whine and complain and say he didn't like school. I think what made it hard was that we kept telling him he was going to school with his brother, but he never saw him and he didn't know any of the kids his class. I think if he had his best buddy Martin with him he would have been able to adjust faster. However, he goes every day and as long as I walk him to his room, help him put his bag in his cubby, find a book for book exchange, and sit with him in the library to read him a story, he says goodbye with a kiss and says see you later. It melts my heart like you wouldn't believe. The first full day I watched the clock waiting for 2:50 so I could see his little face walk out and know he was happy. I didn't have this experience with Coolidge. I believe it is partly due to the fact that I had Brody occupying my time and the other part of me feels it is because he is my last baby. He has said goodbye to the stroller and only needs his pink nye nye when he sleeps. At the beginning of summer I never would have believed he could go to school without his blanket. I knew that wasn't going to be a problem after bringing it with us to the labor day weekend picnic. He asked me to hide it because he didn't want his friends to see it. I almost fell off my chair.

Both the boys started swim lessons this year. I thought it was silly to pay a ton of money to introduce them to the water and it seemed like they didn't actually start teaching them anything until they were 4. Ben spent many summer days teaching Coolidge how to swim and I have to say he has done a good job. Coolidge is swimming like a fish but I wanted him to learn some new techniques and since Brody won lessons from the school raffle I thought it was the perfect time. Coolidge was dying to get in the pool but Brody was terrified to go in without his floaties or me. I told him she would take good care of him but it was written all over his face that he didn't believe me. Luckily I had to watch him from the balcony or I would have been in the pool with him. It took him a few minutes but once he saw that he could trust her he was doing things I have never been able to get him to do even with floaties. I sat their tears rolling down my face smiling form ear to ear watching my little boy grow in front of my eyes. This has been a whole new change for me. Both my boys are maturing so fast. I have been waiting for these days since they were born because the two of them have been so attached to me. I am enjoying the freedom but the mommy in me is longing for another baby. Don't start to freak out on me. I am not about to have another, I am just feeling a sadness I never predicted.

We flew home home to see my little sister Lindsy get married. I can't believe the little girl I used to dress up and torture from time to time is all grown up and married. The boys were so excited to be able to go back to Seattle and see their Aunt tie the knot. During the summer they were so excited that Shawn was going to become their uncle. Shawn is a great guy and I am so happy to have him in our family. Our crew just keeps getting bigger and bigger and the kids just love it.

It was a crazy busy week but so nice to be in Seattle and the weather was amazing. Some how we were able to pack in as much as possible and my sister Christie, Ben and I were able to see a movie. I managed to get half my Christmas shopping done, cook dinner for family and friends and get my hair done. However, I wouldn't have been able to do any of it if it wasn't for my mom. She takes great care of us and loves babysitting because then the boys give all their attention to her. Even though now she has to share some of the attention because she has a new puppy that my boys can't keep their hands off. Coco is so used to nothing but naps, treats, pooping, and more naps. But when my boys are in town she see's more action than she knows what to do with. After we leave both Bonnie and Coco go into hibernation just to get re energized for us to come back this summer.

Ben, the boys and I wished we could've stayed longer. Ben and I were dying to be a part of Eric's big 40th Birthday bash and a week just isn't long enough. The boys needed to get back to school and they missed one swim lesson. Coolidge also lost his front tooth and they needed to see the dentist. Soon after we got back I took them both to have their teeth checked. It was Brody's first time and Coolidge's first first time experiencing plaque being scraped from his teeth. They both did well and were given great reports on their teeth. We are home and back to the grind of everyday life. I miss waking up to my mom feeding the kids and making me coffee but it is also nice to be back.

Ben has retired from catering (again) and is a full time filmmaker. It is nice to see him do what he loves and have him home at night like most husbands. Ben has many talents and I respect his opinion more than he knows. Yesterday, he complimented me on some photos I took over the summer. Coming from him those words made me feel better than diamonds on my birthday.

We are looking forward to fall and winter months. My boys and I just loves these next few holidays. Hope you all are doing well.