Saturday, June 12, 2010

Family in town

My family came to town and we had the busiest best time ever. I just love having them here and showing them around is so fun that I completely forget how exhausted I am and crowded it is in my apartment until they are about to leave. Each time they come we see something different. This time around we checked out the Statue of Liberty. I took my younger sister Brandi there a long time ago and assumed we would have a similar experience. Well I couldn't have been more wrong. It was a lot of lines, waiting and airport security. When I went the first time it was before 9/11 and a completely different experience. However, as much work as it was I loved that I got to do it with my mom, sister, her kids, and my boys. Coolidge has wanted to see Ms. Liberty for quite some time and he loved seeing her up close and inside. We also got a chance to see a small part of wall street. In the photo at the top of my blog we are standing in front of the bull. The kids loved climbing on it and Henry even took a photo caressing the balls. they also got to see some very high tech security. As you all know we have had some terrorist problems in the past and still do, so life has changed quite a bit since I moved here.

On our second day in NYC we traveled on down to Chinatown and worked our way up through Little Italy and over to Soho. Chinatown was a hit for everyone. Little Italy was great because we had some yummy expensive pizza that was recommended to us the night before. Soho was great because we bought lots of street jewelry, bags and art. I love that Coolidge found a picture of a Andrewsarchus that he just couldn't live without. He is just like his dad. My mother and sister got a chance to have quite a few Asian ladies whisper in their year about bags and jewelry. When I first moved here, you could buy a fake bag or jewelry with complete ease, now you have to follow someone into a building up some stairs and into a tiny closet where they show you any designer of your choice. Or you have a lady who walks up to you with a long sleeve shirt in 85 degree weather because her arms are strapped with fake Tiffany bracelets. It is hilarious and quite dirty. I find the people in Chinatown to be completely rude and it always puts me in a bad mood after being there too long. I loved seeing the kids go crazy over the trinkets and watching Kendal and Henry eat things they had never seen before.
We were exhausted from running all over town so we were ready to drive to the Jersey shore. this will be our 4th year that we have vacationed together near Ocean City, New Jersey. We know the area well now but yet we still managed to find something we had never done before. The kids are all bigger now so we are able to spend more time doing each thing. I was smart enough to bring Brody's stroller this year because I knew he would poop out and would take a nap as long as he had his pink nye nye. Memorial day weekend was great weather so we spent those two days at the beach. We had a great time but because none of us had really been in the sun since last summer there were a few burns and some hives. We also experienced some firsts. Ben bought a boogie board and all of the kids got a turn on it, even Brody.
The water was cold. If you stayed in it too long your body parts started to go numb. However, it was warm enough that you didn't you only were numb for a few minutes. The boys were dying to get back on the go carts. Henry was praying that he was tall enough to drive one by himself and my boys just couldn't wait to race around. With the help of grandma's thick flip flops Henry got his first drive of a go cart. We checked out a new beach (at least for us) called WildWoods. We were told it was one of New Jersey best beaches and had more rides than Disney land. It was a much longer drive but we were willing to do it just to try it out. Not all of the rides were open but it was still quite a blast. Coolidge got to ride on some much more mature rides than he has ever been on. It was so fun to see his face light up from that crazy feeling you get in your belly when you are excited and scared at the same time. His favorite was the roller coaster ride. I don't know who was more scared, grandma or Coolidge. This was Brody's first time on any ride other than a merry go round. He loved the balloon Ferris wheel. He made me ride on it with him 2 times. In the past we have spent numerous days at the pool and this time around the weather was so good that we spend more days at the beach. There didn't seem to be any boredom this time around. I love that the kids are getting old enough to do more but I also notice we are spending much more money and how tired we are after each day. We had a great time and I can't thank my mom enough for coming out to the east coast and helping bring my sister and the kids along with spoiling us rotten. She loves to see us smile and somehow manages to do something special for everyone of us.

Now we are back and I am getting ready to celebrate the boys birthday. I can't believe Coolidge will be 7 and Brody will be 4. It seems like just yesterday that I gave birth to Coolidge. their age is the reason I am planning to spend most of the summer in Seattle. I figure I only have a short time before they are like their cousins, consumed with sports and school events and then we will barely have any time at all. Coolidge will be going into 2nd grade and Brody is starting preschool this September. For the first time I will be out of baby life. Part of me loves that idea and the other wants to have another. Don't freak out because I am not about to get pregnant, I just can't imagine not having a little one by my side all day long. Brody is my little side kick and I have to say, as much as I am going to love my freedom, I am going to miss my little buddy.

My sister Lindsy is getting married this fall. She will be the last sister to tie the knot. She is marrying a great guy named Shawn. I am looking forward to seeing her get married in October. I am hoping to bring the whole family with me but the way the airfares are right now I think it may just be me. I am so excited to get home and try on my brides maids dress and be a part of her bridal shower. I know that she is so happy and being so far away I don't get to see much of anything. She is sweet enough to schedule stuff while I am there. They just bought a home, a dog and I just know a baby will be happening right after they tie they get hitched. Speaking of babies my other sister Brandi is preggos. She is only a few months and I can't wait to see her and her belly bump. I know her move to Colorado has made her pregnancy a bit difficult so I am sure she is excited to get to Seattle also. I have been knitting lately and can't wait for her to find out the sex so I can make her little baby something special. It is safe to say I am hoping she is having a girl because they are more fun to knit and shop for. Plus we have enough boys in this family. I love all the boys but the testosterone has got to even out with some estrogen. Funny thing growing up it was always all girls and now it is the opposite.

Ben is doing well. He is thriving with his film making. He has made over 15 web profiles for many different types of companies. TurnHere seems to like his work because they call him quite often and they even honored him with video of the week. It is nice to see him so happy and working in film more than he is catering. Looking forward to the day he is a full time filmmaker and catering is a distant memory. One of the things I love about Ben is how much he loves playing with the kids. It was fun to see him boogie board surfing and laughing his butt off on the rides with them. He has been working so hard and the boys just loved having his attention.