Thursday, April 28, 2011

The cold is finally gone and spring has officially sprung here in NYC. I haven't written my blog in quite some time because we have been so very busy. It was one awful Winter for us. Lots and Lots of snow and bitter cold winds made for a long Winter. Every year Christmas passes and it seems like January and February are the longest months of your life. However, now the weather is warm and we are in full swing.

those of you that live here in NYC know that it is that time of year that you pull out your spring clothes from under the bed and swap them for you winter clothes. Storage is a luxury in this city so we store our stuff in places you Seattle folks never even think about. It also means wearing shorts and then come the skinned knees and bandages. Every year without a doubt I put my boys in shorts and that day they cut of those precious knees. I wonder at what age does that stop? Spring is my favorite Season here. The weather is warm but not hot, NY'ers are so happy about the change their all become a little nicer and we start to see our friends on the street once again.

Both Coolidge and Brody have learned something new over the last month. Coolidge started little league. His only experience with a bat and ball was in Sun Lakes. He loved play woofle ball with our family so much that he wanted to join the Harlem league. Most of his team played T -ball before but he is completely new to hitting, catching and throwing. I was worried he would get frustrated and want to quit. But he is so excited and learning so fast that I haven't' seen any frustration at all. He is 7 years old and wants his own independence so he makes sure to take care of himself when he gets injured and sucks it up. I am so proud of his eagerness to be attentive and alert to what is going on in the game each time. He got his first in the field home run. They have won all 3 games and he gets excited to practice and play every week.

Brody as you all know loved his glider bike and was quite good at zooming around on it. So good in fact, people would stop and watch him fly by. We noticed he was ready for a bike with pedals and brakes so we bought him his first big boy bike. He was on it for about 2 minutes and was off and ready to ride on his own. If any of you have a 2 or 3 year old and are wondering if you should get them a balance bike, I say yes, do it. Most kids are not ready to ride until 3 because they are not quite tall enough. However, once they turn 3 they are ready to go. They may start on their tippy toes and struggle for a short while but believe me it wont take them long to be riding all over the place. We got Coolidge a big boy bike when he was 4 and put training wheels on it. He eventually took the training wheels off and after a lot of holding and running next to the bike he got it and was off on his own. The balance bike Brody rode for a year and half eliminated all of that frustration and fear of falling which in the end has made him a much more confident rider.

Brody is always eager to learn something new and determined to do it on his own. However, pooping on the potty is not one of them. The fear he has is more overwhelming than the eagerness to be like everyone else. I know eventually he will get it and I will look back and laugh about it but right now it is the biggest challenge I have ever had as mommy. As many of you know being a parent is truly like riding a roller coaster. You have your moments of sure bliss and excitement. You feel like you are on top of the world and nothing can bring you down. And then the shit hits the fan and you are DOWN! Your children are going through a tough time and you are up for the challenge and do your best to help them through it but you FAIL! So you try something new and FAIL! You start to feel like you just can't help and you are now on that part of the roller coaster ride that makes you sick and you wondering if you will ever get off. It's the part of parenthood that sucks. As a mommy you want to protect your kids from anything and everything. And because we live in the age of technology we have too much information at our fingertips. Whenever we are concerned we google it and create more fear. In some ways our parents had it easy. They didn't know shit. they spent their child rearing years through trial and error and we had to learn from all their mistakes and now we raise our kids with a bubble around them. And when we mess up with put ourselves through hell because we should have known better. I am hoping this blog will help my kids to understand being a parent is hard and sometimes you just have to let them get through it on their own and they will SURVIVE!

I wanted you all to know that all of these photos posted on my blog today are taken with my iphone. I am amazed at how well the photos come out. I was going to buy a new camera for myself because my little canon is slowly on its way out. However, I found out that Verizon was getting the iphone just before I went out and bought a new snapshot. Thank God I waited because I think their photos come out just as nice. I also didn't have to buy an ipod because I can down load my playlist right on my phone and it sounds as good as any ipod. All my waiting paid off. It is truly the best purchase I have made since my new fridge.

I'm sad to say that my family is not coming to see me this May. Usually my mom, sister Christie, and her kids come and visit. They are not going to be able to do it and it makes me very sad. It will feel like forever since I get a chance to see them. Sometimes it is hard to live so far away. Thank God NYC is so damn fun because I think I would be depressed.

However, I do have wonderful news. I just found out yesterday that our good friend L.J. is Cancer FREE! Our prayers were answered and he is healthy again. We love you L.J. and looking forward to seeing you this summer.

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