Saturday, September 24, 2011

Summer's Over

Fall has begun even though it still feels like summer outside. The kids have been in school for over two weeks and are in full swing. As of right now no after school sports/activities. We are still feeling out what the kids want to do and some of the activities don't start until October. Ben is back to work and making videos non stop. I have finally got everyone back on track and seem to have found a moment where I can write my blog and reflect on what we did all summer long. We had the best summer. It was so fun it was very hard to leave Seattle.

We arrived in Seattle this year on July 5th. I hated the idea that we would spend a lot of time away from Ben but I felt we were better off missing Ben then staying in the city where it was hot and not a whole lot to do. So this year we decided to spend 7 weeks on the
west coast. Ben joined us for the last 3 weeks. It was the best idea I had because I was able to relax, the kids had plenty of space to play and we were always surrounded by family. As usual we packed up and headed East of the mountains for some what I call glamorized
camping with my family. This year was a little different because my sister Lindsy was not able to join us. Brandi and I are used to not having our husbands in Sun Lakes but not having Lindsy there put a whole different twist on the vacation. We still had a great time but she was definitely missed. She wasn't able to go because she was to close to her due date. Every year is different in Sun Lakes. the kids change and so do our adventures. One of my favorite moments was Christie and I going for a stroll just after the sun went down. We were chatting about our day gossiping about a friend when all of the sudden we saw a young buck in our path. Our first response was, "oh look a deer." We admired it's beauty and then Christie said, "wouldn't it be crazy if it started to chase us and pummel us with its antlers." Right then it started walking towards us. We thought that was strange because usually they get frightened and start running the opposite way. It continued coming towards us and Christie and I kept walking backwards when Christie yelled, "oh my God it is going to get us." We started running and screaming while it ran at us. Christie ran behind a tree and I ran past her laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. The deer continued to run through our camp grounds up into the miniature golf course and then up in the hills. We laughed about that moment through the entire trip. There were also a lot of firsts this time around. Some of the kids jumped off the high cliff and Coolidge jumped off his first low cliff. Brody took off the life jacket and swam for the first time without any help. We also had baby Morgan with us for the first time this year. Next year it will be baby Jaxon's first time. I love my family and even though I have had my share of stress on these trips and often said I am not coming back, I can't imagine not being there with my boys.

Kiera has been coming to visit us in Seattle every August for over 3 years now. This year she brought her boyfriend, Sean. He is a great guy and taught my little Coolidge how to fish. As you can see from the photo on the top that was the very first fish he ever caught. I've never seen him so proud.
That day he caught 4 fish and must have caught over 10 the entire summer. He loved going to buy bait and as soon as it was warm enough to get outside he was on the dock getting his gear ready. While Kiera was in town we took the kids to see the troll under the Fremont bridge. I thought they would love it and they did. Ari wanted nothing to do with it and I guess it was a little creepy looking. Brody and Ari became best friends this year. They shared a love for superheros and it was nice for them to have each other because often the age difference between Cool and Bro can cause fights. One of my favorite memories of this summer is my Uncle Randy and Heather joined us. Because they live in Nevada they are a part of my family
that I don't get to see very often. I love them so much and they always make me laugh. My uncle Randy ended up staying for awhile along with his dog Izzy. Coolidge fell in love with Izzy. He thought it was the best to take her on walks and watch her run around with Coco. Every morning he woke up, Izzy and Coco were there to give him a big kiss. I wondered if getting Coolidge a dog was a good idea and after seeing his love for them I realized he really does need a dog of his own.

Gay and Adrian came to visit us in Seattle this year. I wanted to show them why I love spending my summers in Seattle and a little bit of what I grew up with. They were only there for 4 days so I tried to pack in as much as possible. One of my favorite days was showing them and my boys a beach that I used to go to frequently when I was younger. I took them to Golden Gardens. It was fun to see Adrian enjoy it along with Coolidge and Brody. Our beaches are very different than here on the East Coast. They are more fun for kids because there are lots of Rocks, logs, and and creatures to explore. After the beach I took them to my old neighborhood. I used to love this Mexican Restaurant and was dying to see if it was still as good as I remembered. They loved it and so did I. It was
strange to be back and look at my old house. I have a lot of memories there and it looks the same but different. the next day we took them to Pike Place Market. I think they enjoyed it but it was more rushed due to the fact that parking cost us a fortune. I don't like taking New York City folks downtown Seattle because to me there is no City like NYC and Seattle is boring in comparison. I would have preferred taking them other places in Washington that can't be experienced any where else, but you can't not take them to Pike Place and the Space needle. Next time they come to visit I can really show them what I love about Seattle. We had a blast and I can't believe it took me that long to invite them.

I was very blessed that Lindsy got pregnant at the perfect time because her due date was in the middle of August and I was able to be there for the birth. Living 3,000 miles away keeps me from experiencing a lot of what my family does. I missed the birth of every niece and nephew until now. It was a very emotional experience because we were all so worried that Jaxon would have Cystic Fibrosis. About 2 weeks after his birth Lindsy called me and told me he didn't have it. We have known this was a possibility since she was about 2 months pregnant. I had been waiting for this news for so long that after she told me I was overwhelmed with Emotions. I went from jumping up and down cheering to sobbing on the phone. I've never cried so hard from joy. A huge part of me knew he didn't have it but there was this small part that told me to be ready to support her. We are so blessed that he is healthy. I had the chance to hold and help feed him a few times. He is so precious and has the longest fingers I've ever seen on a baby. I'm sure they will come in handy when he wants to play football or basketball. I'm sad that I am going to see him grow on facebook and not in person. The next time I get to squeeze him he will be almost a year old. Thank goodness for Skye, it makes you feel a little closer.

This summer made me and my family realize that we need a house with a yard. As much as I love NYC, I loved seeing my boys run around like I did when I was a kid more. This City has more to offer than you can ever imagine. But it is just not the same as having a yard and neighborhood to run around and explore. I promised my little boy who cried for 4 days after coming home that I would get us a house and a dog soon....not tomorrow but soon.