Monday, January 24, 2011


Happy New Year to all our friends and family. I hope you all had a great holiday and that the New Year has been a great start. It feels like last year went flying by. The end of the year was a bit rough for us but when I look back I realise we had a great year. This was not the best Christmas we have ever had, it also wasn't that bad. If anything all I can do is laugh about it. Brody Coolidge and I got knocked out by the flu a couple days before my mother arrived. My mom came just in time to take care of us and also get a nasty cold of her own. It wasn't what she wanted to be doing but was a big help for me and Ben. I couldn't get out of bed so she helped keep the place clean and serve us with toast, crackers and water. I know she was excited about coming to play with her boys and have her daughter cook all day and night for her but instead she got to watch us lay around and moan and grown for at least a week. Luckily Ben never got sick because he was the only one who had the energy to go out and shop for the last final gifts and food. I was most bummed because I planned to host a big dinner on Christmas eve and wasn't able to even think about food let alone cook for 17 people. We managed to have a few people over for some appetizers and managed to get a few of our guests sick. I think the worst part was that my boys woke up Christmas morning and just stared at their gifts while sitting on the couch. Their energy was so low and it was as if they wished they could wait one more week so they could feel better and enjoy what Santa and everyone else brought them. It seemed like everyone we knew was battling a cold, going to the doctor, and hospital. It has to be the most depressing holiday that I have ever celebrated. However, now January is almost over and I can chuckle about it and pray next year is much better.

A lot of you and even those who don't read my blog have asked me if I am going back to work. Well I was asked to help my friends with babysitting their daughter while their nanny was on vacation. I thought it was a great idea because I could use the money, she is adorable and it would give me a chance to see if I can enjoy working while being a full time mom again. It was only part time and she has to have been the easiest baby I have ever taken care of. I took care of her for 8 hours a day 3 days a week, 2 weeks in December. The first week was fairly easy but challenging. I was also co chair for the book fair at the school and so I was doing triple duty those two weeks. The second week was exhausting and I felt that as much as Brody loved having Mauve around he didn't like that I wasn't at his disposal. I was so happy it was only temporary because being a mom is hard enough and I enjoy my full time job enough that unless we REALLY need the money, being a mom is all I need. Coolidge, who is dying for me to have another baby just loved taking care of her. He saw this picture of her and said, "Awww, bring her back." She just fell in love with Ben. Usually the babies take one look at him and either cry or run the other way. She followed him around where ever he went and I just enjoyed watching her drive him crazy.

Before we got sick we were able to do a lot of the fun Christmas stuff that we usually do every year. We went to Macy's wonderland and saw Santa. This year the line was the longest we have ever seen but I have to say it went pretty fast. The boys never whined once. Maybe they were afraid Santa would see them and not get any gifts. Whatever it was they were very easy and it was a lot of fun to see them tell Santa what they wanted. We also decorated our gingerbread house. This year Coolidge decorated his own and Brody and I did one together. Brody spent most of his time eating candy but he loved sticking the candy on and making patterns with the all the colors. It was fun to have them both very into it this year. We were having a great December and planned on cooking all sorts of cookies for the teachers and grandma before we got sick. For the first time since Coolidge was one year old I put store bought cookies on Santa's plate. It normally would've upset me except I was so sick I didn't care.

We got a huge snow blizzard soon after Christmas. It was nice for my mom to see what the city is like when those type of storms hit us. Every thing quiets down and for at least half a day the city is covered with this beautiful white blanket. However, soon after the plows come out and so do the people. The sidewalks get cleared away but each time you try to cross the street you are walking through big slushy puddles which makes doing chores or taking kids to school miserable. I managed to get my reluctant kids and mom out to sled. My boys normally love to be out in the snow but they were still under the weather and my mom doesn't like being cold. However, we still had fun. I didn't realized that there was no rush to get out and make snowmen and snow angles because since then we have been snowed on about 4 times. It feels like the longest winter I have ever experienced and we haven't even began the month of February. Right now I am wishing I had the money to take a trip to the Caribbean. I guess if I took on a full time job I would have that money. I guess that is one of my sacrifices.

I have been more involved in the boys school than ever before. It is amazing once you spend some quality time there you have a chance to see what the kids are learning or will be learning. Just by talking to other parents who's kids are in the upper grades I have gained some incite to what I have in my future and what I will need to prepare for middle school process. I know my boys are still little but with our system you need to be one step ahead. The middle school process is even harder than the kindergarten here in NYC. The good news is that High school is probably the easiest. I know most of you are reading this and don't understand what the hell I am talking about because most of you send your kids go to your local school. Here it is very different and many schools are specialized and your test scores and interests are how you determine what middle school you will apply to. God knows that by the time my kids are applying to College I will be a pro.

I just wanted to share a great new find. My husband got a new coffee maker for Christmas. It is called Keurig B40. He has wanted one for quite some time but I didn't see the point since our current coffee maker that he also insisted we needed worked just fine. However, he requested one for Christmas and now we have been blessed with an amazing machine. If you have ever thought about getting one I say GO FOR IT. I absolutely love that I never have to buy filters, I never have to clean the pot, I never have to make sure I make enough for everyone, I can choose a different kind of coffee than my husband, and every time I wake up it is ready to go...all I have to do it pick the flavor and push the button. It comes out hot every time. I don't know how I ever lived without it. And for all of you thinking but I love the brand of coffee I am drinking right now and don't want to have to buy those pods. They make a filter so you can continue to your current coffee. It is Heaven Complete Heaven.

Check out a video of Ben sledding with the boys. He only attempted that jump once.