Sunday, September 16, 2012

Summer Vacation Part 1

We had such a busy summer that I will have to break this up in parts. In early June we celebrated Coolidge and Brody's birthday. For the first time they both wanted to celebrate in different ways. Coolidge wanted a slumber party and Brody wanted a Chuck E. Cheese party. I convinced Brody on the slumber party with them each inviting one friend but as time went by they both changed their mind and wanted a party. So we headed up to the great hill once again. We were lucky it was a nice and cool day and I wasn't running around sweating like a pig. They each invited 5 friends and had water balloon fights along with snacks and cake. I was great that my cousin Kiera was in town and she came to the party and helped me haul all the stuff up there.
Kiera bought the boys street slushies after school

We also finished the school year at CPE 1. We had a great year and I can't believe my youngest is now in the first grade and my oldest in the fourth. Coolidge  is slowly approaching middle school and it is crazy how fast time has gone by. Coolidge took his first standardized exam in school. He was a little anxious about it but after his first day he relaxed and realized it wasn't that big of a deal. I have to say that by the third day he was exhausted and so were the teachers from all the preparation before the big day. Brody started reading and writing this year. This was his last year with Yvonne and I can say he and I are going to miss her so much. Thank goodness her class is right next door.
Grandma finally got to see the boys play baseball
I was very blessed to have so many visitors this year. My mom came twice, once in December and again in early June. My uncle also was hear on business and was able to come check out my place and have lunch with me, Kiera, Ben, and the boys. My mother has talked about our apartment and neighborhood so much that it was really nice to put a visual to the stories. My boys just love him and were over joyed to have him in our neck of the woods. Just sorry it was for only one day.
We took Randy to our favorite beer garden
Before we left for Seattle my mom came and we drove to the Jersey shore and spend a week there. We chose to save the money last year and I and the kids were so bummed that we missed it. This year we didn't get memorial day weekend so we went the first week of June. It was a lot of fun and we owe it all to my mom because it was her time share. Because Kiera was headed to DC for her internship she stopped in Jersey and hung with us on the shore for a few days. I wish she could have stayed longer but I will take what I can get. This year wasn't the same as my past experiences because I will still dealing with vertigo so I was unable to drink coffee, alcohol, or swim. That can put a damper on the vacation but I still had a lot of fun. My mom usually stays for at least 2 weeks but because she couldn't bring the dog she was only able to stay for 10 days. We wished she could have stayed longer here in NYC with us. But it wasn't too hard to say goodbye because we knew we were going to be with her in a few weeks.
My boys love to fly
This year I  booked our trip to go to Seattle for the last day of school. I figured why sit around and wait when we can be there with family and friends and celebrate Forth of July lighting of fireworks. I wanted my kids to see how I spent the 4th of July. Here in NYC you can even light a sparkler. We spent the day at my dad's barbecuing and playing with cousins. Coolidge and Brody were able to light smoke bombs, flowers. parachutes and are really cool pyramid that shot up in the air then over sideways. Coolidge's eyes lit up like it was Christmas day. He was now a huge fan of fireworks. My sister took us to Boom City to buy these lovely explosives and oh boy there is really no way to explain Boom City. Their older cousins were in heaven, I was in hell. My anxiety was on high and the loud bombs going off every 5 minutes made me think we were at war. I have to say it was great because our show was quite impressive. Coolidge loved the friendly competition that we had with the neighbors. I am hooked and will be spending every fourth in Washington from now on. I just wish Ben could have been there because he would have loved it as much as we did.

One of the nice things about visiting Seattle is that most of my friends and family still live there. It makes it very easy to see them. However, Aj also lives out of state and luckily most of the time she plans her visit at the same time as me so we can see her and her family. It is so nice to see how her girls have grown in size and how their personalities have changed. I hate how she lives so close to me but just far enough that the drive would be annoying and the flight cost too much. I just wish they would spend the whole summer in Seattle like me so I could see them even more.

I'm so happy that Brandi and her family move home this year. We usually both come home during the summer but her moving there will make it even easier to see her because she is not living out of bags like me and cramming all her visits in also. I saw her and the kids more than ever because she was able to relax. Brody and Logan really connected this year and played more than I've ever seen. It was so nice to see because usually he is too young for all the other cousins.

This summer was packed full of fun and oh boy did we deserve some relaxation and fun. Between my vertigo, anxiety, and apartment flooding. I need some good times. Part II will be coming soon.


  1. Anonymous3:57 PM

    I loved having you here all summer too! I'm already looking forward to next year because Logan really enjoyed playing with Brody. Though Logan can't stop talking about visiting NY so we may be seeing you sooner than that. Not that I would complain. =)

    1. We would love for you to come any time. How about now? ha ha ha

  2. Antony L5:29 PM

    Love this. Life across the pond. Lovely.

    1. Thanks Anthony. I wish our pond was smaller so we could see you guys more.

  3. Anonymous9:48 PM

    I would love to come right now!