Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Holidays are Over.

I'm always sad to see the summer end but I love Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas so much that I don't even think about beaches and warmth until January hits. Every year January 2nd comes and all I can think about is spring. We have been spoiled here in NYC because this winter so far has been quite tame. Today it was 58 degrees and there was quite a buzz out on the street. However, it wont last and soon the bitter cold will be here and we will be hunkered down inside hibernating all winter long.

My mom came and stayed with us this for 2 and 1/2 weeks. She came before Christmas and stayed until the 5th of January. It was so nice to have her here. She brought her sweet little coco just so the boys could see her. She said it was very stressful to get the dog here but once she was here she was so happy to have all of us to snuggle with her. I took her for walks through Central Park everyday to pick up the boys from school. She has never been around so much noise. If it wasn't another dog barking it was a bus opening its door, honking horns, subways vibrating the ground and motor cycles whizzing by. She loved when we entered the park because all of the sudden she could here the squirrels and birds and smell every single thing she could. I had to leave 10 minutes earlier to pick the kids up everyday because she would stop every 5 feet just to smell some rock. I have to say I loved having her around. I didn't envy my mom who had to take her out at 7 am every morning but I did love seeing her so happy to see us every time we walked in the door. The only thing bad that happened from having Coco here is that I broke my lease agreement and they sent me a letter that I would be evicted if I didn't remove the Coco immediately. I had no idea that we couldn't have dogs visit us. I have seen a few dogs in the building and just assumed visiting was ok. I was very upset by getting the letter and took it quite personally. It also made my mother feel very uncomfortable. I called my landlords and worked it out but I have to say it is something that I will never forget. Other than that drama it was a great holiday.

We have a lot of new things going on. Coolidge just started basketball today. He asked me last spring if he could try basketball. He was in the middle of little league and I could see he was slowly losing interest. I told him I would try to find a league and that he could start in winter. Today was his first day and the smile on his face and the high five he gave me showed me just how much he likes it. I don't know how he will feel about it by the end of the season but I know he is having fun and that is all that matters. I never played sports on a team until high school. Some kids are very mature and love the nature of sports and teams at a young age but I think some are just doing it because mom and dad insist on it. I found the parents to be the most interesting to watch. I had a father sitting next to me who never took his eyes off his book once the entire hour 15 minutes. It made me think that his wife signed their son up and insisted that dad take him. I didn't grow up with a dad like that. My dad was involved in any sport we were involved in. I am thankful for that because it made me sad to think a book was more important than watching his son learn to dribble for the first time. Coolidge also got a new skate board for Christmas. He put on his helmet, pads and wrist guards and went out with his dad to the park. I sent dad because I am not the best person to teach something where he might hurt himself. Ben said he did quite well but didn't get any photos of him. Coolidge is getting tall and too mature. It scares me because soon he wont want to be with me all the time and his friends will be the center of his world.

Brody is growing like weed also. He is in Kindergarten this year and no longer needs his mommy to walk him to the classroom and stay for awhile. The teachers said to me that can't believe they never see me anymore. I have to say I miss being there. Him and his brother are quite close and also drive each other nuts. Coolidge now stays up a half hour later than Brody on week nights. It is very frustrating to Brody because he too wants to be up with him. It was one of the best ideas I ever came up with. They share a room so when they go to bed they stay up playing too late and then are cranky in the morning. By putting Coolidge to bed a half hour later Brody falls asleep within 10 minutes and then Coolidge goes to bed and also falls asleep withing 10 minutes. It has made bed time much easier and peaceful.

I started a new food blog. It has been the most fun thing I have done in a long time. I absolutely love food and cooking. I would love to open my own cafe but I know how much time and energy goes into something like that and being a full time mom is more important to me than a cafe. I am constantly thinking about what to make and how to improve it. I was adding my photos of my food to my facebook page and a friend said I should start a blog. I honestly never thought of doing it and now I can't imagine not doing it. I have quite a few friends and family members texting and emailing me about what they should make with what they have in the fridge. I love that they ask me. It gives me such a great feeling. I want to make an living blogging but as of right now I have earned $3.71. ha ha ha ha. I know it is ridiculous. I also know I have only been doing it for 3 months and I would food blog even if I never made a dime but I just wish I could know how to make a living doing it because I have never loved a job so much in my life. If you haven't seen my blog lately or at all please check it out. Quest for Delish

I also would love to share some great news. My best friend Nicola is going to have TWINS! Yes TWINS! I am so excited for her and Gleb. They have been trying for quite some time and they will be blessed with two babies this July. Congrats you guys. I can't wait to meet the two little cutie pies.