Sunday, March 25, 2012

Big Boys

Spring came very early for us this year. I have lived in NYC for 15 years and have never experienced 70 degree weather in March. Me and my boys are loving every minute of the warmth and sun on our bodies. If the weather goes back to the 40's I will be ok with me because for about 2 weeks I have been on vacation.

We have had a lot going on since my last post. Coolidge started Basketball and played on the Upper Westside League. He had never played on a team before and had very little experience dribbling and shooting baskets. He learned quite a bit in a small amount of time and it was so fun to see him as this little nervous boy change into a confident player who couldn't wait for the game and is now sad that it is over. As you can see in the photo he is very proud of his new trophy. What made me most proud is that he was awarded a medal out of 6 teams for great sportsman ship. If you know Coolidge then you know that this award fits him perfectly. I was so happy that the coaches could see that in him. 
One season is over and now we are returning to little league. Coolidge will have a new coach and a lot of new players. I wasn't sure he would play baseball again because towards the end of last year he got a little bored and didn't show much interest. However, when it was time to sign up he was all for it. Coolidge is in the 3rd grade this year and will be experiencing his first state exam. He has taken "tests" before but I never actually told him they were tests so to him this is completely foreign. He also has never had to sit for an hour at a time and have zero help when he doesn't understand the questions. Because his school and I are preparing him he actually thinks the whole process is fun. He did tell me that he will be a little nervous on the day. Most people would say who cares what is the big deal he is only 8. However, here we have to work hard and the kids need good test scores in the 4th grade in order to get in the middle school of your choice. This test is what prepares him for the test next year so a good score gives you and idea of how he will score in the 4th grade. Getting into a good middle school will help to get him into a great high school and then of course College. I know it is crazy to think of all that but here there are lots of choices and some of the best schools in the country. 

Coolidge got a new skate board for Christmas. I was a little shocked he wanted to give it a try because he has never really been a wheels kind of boy. However, as he gets older he shows me that he is forever changing. I have made sure that Ben takes him out because I am not very good at letting him fall and get hurt. I thought it best for him to learn while it is cold because he is fully clothed and less accidents where the skin gets ripped to shreds.

He is reading like a maniac now. I have had the hardest time keeping up with him. I have been lucky to find some great reads for him from other moms that have boys. If you are looking for a fun books that your son will devour in a day maybe two, check out The series "Amulet," "Bones," "Knights at the kitchen table," and "Diary of a wimpy kid." He is now patiently waiting for "Heck" to come to our local library. He wants to read the Hunger Games but I am not sure if it is appropriate just yet. 

Brody is now starting T-ball this year. I didn't think he would play because he seemed bored to tears watching his brother play. I should have known it was because he is a doer not an observer. He is so excited to be on a team and has got quite an arm. It is so cute to see his team because they are all so little. Some of them love the sport and are looking to throw the ball catch it and run the bases. However, some of them are just into playing in the dirt. It all is quite funny. 

Brody has started writing and reading this year. For awhile he has been able to write all his letters but now he hears the word recognizes the sound and writes his sentences. He also is able to read through letter and picture help. he loves to bring home early reading books and reading them to the whole family. He is almost 6 and his molars are rapidly moving in. Which has created a lose tooth. It is very exciting but also very sad for me. It is just reminder that he is not my baby anymore. It is crazy how fast it is all going by and has made me stop and enjoy the moment more than ever. 

Ben has been working hard and was able to get our taxes done and learned just a little bit more this year. This is his second year as a freelancer worker so we are still learning what to pay and what you can write off. He is also helping coach Brody's team and loves being out there throwing the ball and watching the kids get all excited. However, it reminded him that he needs to exercise because he had aches and pains in places he didn't know could hurt. 

I'm excited because I am taking a trip with my family to Vegas in May. I haven't taken a trip without my kids in 4 years and Lord knows I need one. I love going to Vegas with my family but I just hope it will be a bit more relaxing than the last one. I also want to invite you to check out my food blog. Most of my readers know about it but I just love it so much that I constantly want to remind everyone to check it out. Quest for Delish