Thursday, September 19, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013

We had an absolutely wonderful summer. I'm sorry that I haven't written much on my blog this last year. A lot was going on and just couldn't get motivated to write on here. We are all doing well and both my boys are growing like weeds.

We are back in NYC and Coolidge just started the 5th grade and Brody just started 2nd grade. Coolidge experienced his first broken bone towards the end of summer. It put quite a damper on his activities but for the most part he is handling it like a champ. Coolidge has never been someone who likes to sit for very long so not being able to be as active as he would like is starting to aggravate him. The poor guy as gone through the ringer this last year. He started to get acid reflux in late November. We changed his diet and he still kept have stomach problems. He also had these strange pains in legs, groin, chest, back and arm. We tested his blood and found out he had a virus. We also saw a GI doctor who put him on acid reducer drugs to help his stomach heal. All you parents know just how hard it is to see you kid in pain. Nothing worse to feed him and do you best to make sure it is good food for him and still see him in pain. Its also hard to explain over and over that you can't eat that because it will make you tummy hurt. He is only 10 and is in great physical condition and eats very healthy 80% of the time. Once in a while a little boy would like a soda and I can't blame him. When it didn't go away after 8 weeks of acid reducer drugs we gave him an endoscopy. It's the first time my little guy had to have anesthesia. No parent likes that idea but we needed to know what was going on. The test came back great and basically the doctor said he has seen it a lot and not really anything you can do at this point. He is happy to be off the medicine and still has problems from time to time. But for the most part his belly is much better. Every doctor was very impressed with him and his positive attitude. They said he was better than many teens and adults they have seen.  Right now he is very excited to get his brace off and start his drawing classes. He is quite the artist and reluctant to have someone tell him how to do it but he also would like to learn some new techniques.

Brody has become quite the big boy who will give everything a try and wants to you take him seriously but behind the scenes he still likes to be cuddled like a baby, suck his thumb, and hold on to pink nye nye. Over the last year he started to learn violin. I didn't think he would want to do it but he was actually very excited about it. He would come home and show me using a book how he holds his violin and when he finally got to bring it home I was in tears watching his concentration. We were one proud family to see him get up on stage and play in front of an audience. He is counting the days down to more lessons starting this October.

 He has a lot in common with Coolidge but he is not as outdoorsy as him. This summer Brody enjoyed swimming and became quite a swimmer in a short period of time. He also became a diver. I'm not at all surprised because when he puts his mind to it he gets it done. His willingness to do it so fast motivated Coolidge and Coolidge also became a diver this summer. Brody doesn't like fishing like Coolidge but he did get a lot of time playing basketball. He's very athletic and enjoyed the trampoline parks this summer. Luckily there were no injuries for him. Now that we are home and back into the swing of school and weather changing I am reminded that Brody gets croup every September or October. It is amazing how immediately his lungs take on that change in germs and allergies and the cough begins and slowly becomes a bark as the night progresses. I don't want to rush them growing up until that night when I long for him to grow out of that. Its those sort of nights that I am glad I don't have a job to go to the next morning because I can't imagine getting up and taking my other son to school and then off to a job feeling like a zombie. My hat is off to working mother's.

Over the summer we spent a lot of time with family. Each summer is a little different and this one seemed to be all about cousins, aunts and grand parents. This year the boys chose not to celebrate their birthday at the park with some of their friends. Instead we went to Great Wolf Lodge with two of my sisters and their kids. They had a great time playing in the water park and solving their wizard mission with their new wands. I was exhausted but worth it to see how much fun they had.

We spent the longest amount of time in Seattle this year. We left the day after school finished and didn't come back until a week before school started. We were blessed with amazing weather in Seattle and made sure to do some of our favorite things to do and add some stuff we hadn't done. I just wish we could see them more than just once a year.

We are looking forward to some family visits this year. We were unable to take our annual trip to the Jersey Shore this last spring so we are excited to do that this spring. Looking forward to a new year full of fun and exciting things with my family. It truly is amazing that you never know where you life will take you. I spent last year just hoping the next day will be brighter and this year I look forward to what's coming my way.

I hope all my readers are doing well and if you are not trust me the storm may seem long and rough but it always passes.

Monday, August 12, 2013

40 was a Rough Year.

I'm a very lucky lady. I wasn't saying that last year. Even though I had so many things to be thankful for I was having a hard time seeing it because I was struggling within. I spent last year struggling with my anxiety. I felt I lost who I was and thought I would never be the same again. After several panic attacks I started January finding a therapist and seeing doctors to find out why I was so miserable. I would have an anxiety attack every time I saw a doctor, psychiatrist, and therapist afraid they were going to say I was crazy or dying. The worst part was they couldn't pin point one reason and fix it in one day.

I put myself on a new birth control pill to regulate my hormones, new vitamins to help balance my other chemicals, exercise, no caffeine, and talk to a therapist every week. I even tried accupressure massage and acupuncture. I'm a fighter but I have to admit I felt I was losing the battle. I never prayed so much in my life.

Waking up every morning with your heart racing is the worst way to start your day. I took meds for awhile to help get my day started. For some reason my anxiety was always high at 6 am like clock work. By 4 pm it was completely gone. I lived for 4pm because I knew I would feel like my normal self and like I could conquer the world. Then 6am wake up would remind me nope you are not normal you are full of anxiety and afraid of everything. Nobody understood and I cried a lot. Crying was nice because it made me feel better but bad because it made me feel weak.

Even now as I write this my eyes feel with tears because the pain is still very raw. I saw a therapist for a couple months and found this blog Anxiety no more that really helped me through this dark tunnel. I don't want to say I don't have anxiety because I do. I believe I've always been an anxious person. I feel my first panic attack and depression is what made me enter the dark tunnel. Sometimes I go back in but the good part of it is the tunnel isn't as scary and the not as dark anymore.

Knowing what I know now about myself and anxiety took the real fear out of it. It is still very uncomfortable but I know now that I can get through it. For a long time I carried my meds with me where ever I went. Now I feel secure in myself that I can handle it.

I'm telling my story because I know there are many people out there going through the same battle. I hate to put myself out there but I also am willing to do so in order for at least one person to feel they are not alone and give them some hope. Today is my birthday and last year I didn't even want to celebrate. This year I want to shout out I am 41 and I feel amazing! For those of you fighting this battle, trust me you will get through it. It will be hard and you will always remember those really hard times but they are there to help you get through the next war.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Emergency care pack for parents in the city

Here in the city I have learned over the last 9 years that you should carry all of these things because you are constantly out and about and all sorts of things happen at any time. My boys have stepped in poop, rolled in it, stuck their hand in it or even vomit. Yes it is gross and thank God only happens once in a while. You are not always near a bathroom and sometimes you don't want to use the restroom you are near. There is nothing worse then just getting to your destination and oops a bird just crapped on me and now I have to seek out a restroom or go home. As an adult who really cares...tell your child who just saw his friend and can't wait to play tag that we have to leave....You will deal with that enough times and realize if I just had a few items I could make my life much easier.

On a daily basis my boys fall and cut themselves so band aids are a must along with some sort of ointment spray. This city is filthy so just some sort of spray can be quite helpful. I always carry a cloth because it helps with many problems like cleaning a cut, to wiping hands after a fall or when your child  gets sand thrown in his face. It is amazing how much a band aid makes my guys feel that life is much better.

The tissue is also a must because Coolidge is a lot like me and gets bloody noses. Can't tell you how many times we have been without them to realize a pack is a must.

The sun block is only in my bag in the summer months and is great because sometimes you are out and you have having such a great time that you don't want to leave. I love to sit in the shade but my boys run all over the place and a little guy with a sun burn come bed time sucks. Again that is a mistake happens once and then when you realize you don't have it you are running your kids to the drug store to get more or seeking out a parent at the playground who brought a bottle.

When my boys were in Strollers it was easy to have all of this in there at all times. Now that they are older I put all of these items in a large zip lock bag and carry it in my bag. I like them in a zip lock because it protects all of it from spilled drinks and it is easy to take out and give to my husband when it is his turn to take the boys out. These are simple little items that I tell you if you live in the city you will thank me later. If you have any other tricks that you wish to share please let me know I love new ideas.