Friday, April 12, 2013

Emergency care pack for parents in the city

Here in the city I have learned over the last 9 years that you should carry all of these things because you are constantly out and about and all sorts of things happen at any time. My boys have stepped in poop, rolled in it, stuck their hand in it or even vomit. Yes it is gross and thank God only happens once in a while. You are not always near a bathroom and sometimes you don't want to use the restroom you are near. There is nothing worse then just getting to your destination and oops a bird just crapped on me and now I have to seek out a restroom or go home. As an adult who really cares...tell your child who just saw his friend and can't wait to play tag that we have to leave....You will deal with that enough times and realize if I just had a few items I could make my life much easier.

On a daily basis my boys fall and cut themselves so band aids are a must along with some sort of ointment spray. This city is filthy so just some sort of spray can be quite helpful. I always carry a cloth because it helps with many problems like cleaning a cut, to wiping hands after a fall or when your child  gets sand thrown in his face. It is amazing how much a band aid makes my guys feel that life is much better.

The tissue is also a must because Coolidge is a lot like me and gets bloody noses. Can't tell you how many times we have been without them to realize a pack is a must.

The sun block is only in my bag in the summer months and is great because sometimes you are out and you have having such a great time that you don't want to leave. I love to sit in the shade but my boys run all over the place and a little guy with a sun burn come bed time sucks. Again that is a mistake happens once and then when you realize you don't have it you are running your kids to the drug store to get more or seeking out a parent at the playground who brought a bottle.

When my boys were in Strollers it was easy to have all of this in there at all times. Now that they are older I put all of these items in a large zip lock bag and carry it in my bag. I like them in a zip lock because it protects all of it from spilled drinks and it is easy to take out and give to my husband when it is his turn to take the boys out. These are simple little items that I tell you if you live in the city you will thank me later. If you have any other tricks that you wish to share please let me know I love new ideas.