Sunday, January 19, 2014


I can't believe it is already the middle of January. It feels like we just started the school year. It is nice how the holidays keep us busy so we don't think to much about how long it has been since summer. However, now all the holidays are over and now I feel time is ticking by so slowly. I am not a fan of winter. I sometimes wish I lived in a state like California where is it warm year round. However I really do love fall and would miss it greatly. 

We had a great time this fall and the holidays were wonderful. My boys love Halloween and this year we tried something different. We were invited through a list serve to trick or treat over near Mt. Morris Park and each brownstone that had a  balloon by the door was looking for trick or treaters. It was a nice warm day and we loved running up and down the streets knocking on doors instead of going from floor to floor squeezing through hallways with gangs of kids. Ben and I couldn't believe we hadn't done it this way before. It was so much fun and stumbled upon a friends house. My kids dress up everyday but there is something very special about dressing up and going out to see what all the kids are wearing. 

Christmas was great. It is the second year my mom did not come and the boys really miss having her here with us. Traveling 3,000 miles is just not fun during that time. She has her dogs and she had family staying with her this year so we spent it just us and with the our family in Queens. It was also the first time in a few years that we didn't have the flu. We have had someone sick for enough years in a row that I started to think we are doomed. Luckily we only experienced a little cough and sniffles. That I can handle with ease. It's this time of year that I get very homesick. I realized on Thanksgiving that I haven't been home on that day in 17 years. Sometimes it is very hard to live far away. Before I had kids I used to go home 3 times a year and it made it much easier to be away. Now flying a family of four home is just not affordable especially when you live in an expensive city like we do. My kids love all the traditions that take place during the holidays. Lots and lots of food and entertaining along with making cookies, ginger bread houses, visiting Santa, and advent calendars. 

Last year was a very tough one for me. After Christmas was over I had several panic attacks and was very depressed. It took me about a month to find a doctor and therapist to help me through it all. I am so thankful that I have such a wonderful support system to get through it all. I worried this Christmas was going to be the same thing. I had to remind myself that Anxiety does not control me and that even though I can't control having a panic attack, I can control how I respond to it. Going through all of that last year has left me fragile but also much stronger. I'm a firm believer that it happened for a reason but just not sure why.

Coolidge is applying for middle schools right now. It's so cute to see him walk the halls of another school and see him contemplate whether the school is a good fit for him. I love his innocence and that his requirements of a good school are lockers and desks. You have to understand where he is coming from. One of his favorite book series is "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" and believes that you are mature if you sit at desks instead of tables like they do at his school. It is fun to check out all of these other schools, but crazy to see that most NYC schools are not at all diverse. I'm not enjoying how competitive it is either.  A lot of parents want to help you get the school of your choice but some would love to trip you on the way there so they can get in first (if you know what I mean). I hate to see some kids are stressed about getting into a school they like. In a perfect world they all get in. Oh wait that's how it works in the suburbs, hmmm. 

Coolidge seems to be taking it all in stride. Right now he is busy with his new Xbox 360 that Santa brought him. Along with building legos and drawing. I have tried to get him in a comic book drawing class but they keep getting canceled because not enough people have signed up. So for Christmas we bought him a magna drawing book. He uses it to help teach him to draw hands, heads and bodies.  It is absolutely amazing how he can look at a drawing and recreate it on his own. For a kid who has a difficult time sitting still,  he manages to have amazing control when drawing.

Brody is having a great time this year. He is still taking violin lessons but this year he is not very happy with it. It takes a lot of discipline and sometimes he just doesn't want to take the time to stop building or playing wii to practice. I just love watching him read the notes. I never learned an instrument and always wished I did. I guess I am living through him a bit. I'm hoping he will get passed this hard part and keep it going. 

Overall we are doing great. We are out growing our tiny little apartment but still having a blast. I hope you are all doing well and enjoyed your holidays as much as we did.