Friday, March 28, 2014

Growing up

I'm glad to say winter seems to be finally coming to an end. This was a very cold winter and living in a small apartment when it's too cold to play at the park starts to wear on you mentally. I do have to say my kids are getting older and that helps because they still have lots of energy but seem to have calmed down just a bit. 

Speaking of getting older, My son Coolidge came to me recently and asked me if I am the tooth fairy. I knew one day they would figure it out but asking me to my face, I never saw coming. I never asked my parents. I can't remember what age I figured it out but once I did I kept it a secret because I was afraid they would stop the tradition. 

I didn't know how to answer him because I hate to lie when asked directly but I also don't want to ruin the fun for him. I'm pretty sure by the look on my face he knew it was me putting the money under his pillow. I asked him why he thinks I'm the tooth fairy. He said, "because you are always counting my teeth." I know that is confusing you...but crazy me, started a new tradition where we give them a $ amount per tooth. Well I never wrote it down and every time he loses a tooth I count how many he has lost so I know how much to put under the pillow. I guess that back fired on me. I told him, "yes it is me. Are you ok with that?" He said yes. I told him to not tell his brother unless he asked. He ran off to bed and didn't seem fazed. 

I know what is coming next, "Are you Santa and the Easter bunny?" It would make life easy if the cat was out of the bag but I also don't want then to grow up so fast. I love their innocence and belief in what they can't see. It's so much fun to see them excited to visit Santa and to see if he got them what they wanted. It's funny how as they get older I try to slow them down. 

I feel the growth speed when I see my niece Kendal driving and my nephew Adrian getting acceptance letters from Universities. When you are sleep deprived after the birth of your child, getting up several times a night you long for them to grow up and sleep. When see your son applying to middle school you say whoa where did the time go and you start to see him moving out. Parent hood is a trip and a true roller coaster ride. 

I also have to say we dealt with one of the ugly parts of being so young and in school. Brody brought home lice recently. My kids have been in school for about 6 years and countless letters have come home about lice being in the school. I have had many friends tell me they found lice on their kids but I truly believed we would be able to avoid it. I have kept coconut oil in their hair for this reason and because of dry hair and scalp. However, for some reason I stopped putting it on their hair and lice found its way over to his head. 

If you have ever had this problem you know what a nightmare it is. I know it doesn't mean your kid is dirty but you immediately start to itch and feel dirty. You start looking at every one's head differently. We all got it except Ben who for the first time is lucky that he is bald. It is amazing how everything in your house starts to look infested. You feel should and you must wash everything and you don't even want to sit on your own couch. 

I treated each of your heads with rid and combed and combed and combed and combed and combed all the lice and nits out of our hair. It is tedious and grueling and GROSS! after you do all of this you need to keeping combing through it everyday and just when you think it is are wrong! Then we retreated with rid (which was 7 days later) and combed and combed and combed and combed all the nits and lice out. After that you keep combing every day and I also read that to use denorex because it dries out the lice and nits also with adding coconut oil every day. Lice don't like oily hair so it helps keep them away. Well it took 2 weeks and finally they all died and didn't come back. However, I still have phantom itching and look at everything like it has bugs on it. I know this will fade but right now I'm still on guard. 

I hope you never have to go through it but if you do remember it is tedious job to get rid of them but as long as you follow the steps you will. 

I know it has been a rough winter for just about all of us this year and I'm looking forward to spring and summer. I promise I will not complain about the heat this year.