Friday, April 28, 2017

I haven't been writing much on my blog. When the boys were little they were changing so fast that I constantly felt the need to write a post. Now our lives are changing quite slowly. I just read my last post and realized quite a bit has happened in a year. 

We have adjusted to life here in the Pacific Northwest. The rain this winter has been the worst since we moved here. It can be quite depressing but luckily summer is approaching quickly. 

Brody is now in the 5th grade and finishing his last year in elementary. He has enjoyed his school but I will have to say there was nothing like his school in NYC. He is very nervous about moving up to middle school next year. Mainly he is worried because all of his friends will be going to a different school. They changed the boundaries and it pushed him to a school away from his buddies. I hate that he is scared but I know he will make new friends very fast and a school closer to home will be better overall.

Brody played basketball this last winter and the winter before. His first year was with YMCA and was a lot of fun. He is very athletic and seems to have a great passion for the sport. He excelled very fast and became the best player on his team. I took advice to sign him up to the NYBA this last season and his coach was much more advanced and taught him more in 2 practices then in the whole season the year before. The players on this team had more skills and sort of intimidated Brody. He continued to work hard and had another great season with even more confidence. We all love watching him play and I'm already looking forward to next year.

This was the first spring that Brody didn't get his croupy cough and was able to be in his first class photo since moving here. He went to camp for the first time and I just loved how excited he was about going. I also think part of his excitement was that his dad joined as a counselor. Ben said he never saw so much mud in his life and didn't get any real sleep but he made Brody's year by going on the trip with him. 

My Coolidge has had a great time in Junior High. I was very worried about him in the last post because his 6th grade year was a struggle. However, he has adjusted well and made a lot of new Friends. I can't believe he is starting High School next year. I can't believe how fast it seems to be going now. He is also a little nervous because all of his friends will be going to a different school. However he seems confident he will meet new friends based of his experience at his current school. He is excited to be in a school that is closer to his home. I am currently working at his high school so I am excited to be able to see him more. He has become more independent so we got him his own phone to be able to let him be on his own more. 

He has found a new passion for Pokemon this last year. He learned how to play the game and has worked on building a deck and competes with others at league meet ups. He goes every week to a couple different locations. He is trying to get his brother into it because he would like someone to play with more often. I loved to see him into something that excites him. He recently signed up for Track and field. I love that he keeps searching for a sport that he is natural at and gets him excited. I did the same when I was in high school. It takes time but eventually you find it. I'm looking forward to his first meet.

Coolidge has really turned into a teen. He has been experimenting with clothes and hair. He asked me to bleach his hair last summer. He enjoyed it but once it grew out he cute all the blond locks off. He then kept cutting it shorter and shorter. I finally broke down and said I need a professional to help style your hair. What I have noticed so far is there really isn't a single hair cut I don't like on him. He is now growing it out and playing with the blow out Afro look. It's fun to see him mature and try styles out.

We had our first snow fall here. The kids were getting annoyed that they had played in snow every year in NYC but had spent to winters here and saw not even one flake. I was ready to take them to the mountains if it didn't happen. We also went snowboarding for the first time. The drive up there wasn't the hardest part it was renting the gear, getting it all on, then getting them up the lift and down. I know once they get it down it will be fun but the first few times is crazy work and super expensive. The best part is I now know what to expect and I got some equipment so we will be ready for next season. I feel like a bad mom because I didn't take them a second time. They weren't begging to go and I wasn't into all the hard work so I just let it go by. Truth is if I loved the sport we would be up there all the time, but I actually can't stand it.

Ben is doing well with work. Still needs to get more regular clients but he has slowly built a relationship here. He went back to NYC and filmed two episodes of "The Return of The Huxtables." It was a lot of work and I'm very proud of him. He is working very hard to promote them and get viewers to watch. He is getting a  dose of just how hard it is to get people to take the time to watch something not on tv. The episode, "Our common denominator" was accepted to The Black Web fest. 

It has been fun to go from watching him writing the screen play to casting, to filming, to editing, and screening these 3 episodes. It is great to see him shine in something he loves. I hope he gets to continue this passion for a life time. 

My mom is also doing well. It was hard to sell her home. She never thought she would and certainly never thought she'd do it without Jerry. It was tough for her but she was able to get through it. I'm glad I could be here to help her through it. I always thought we moved here for support but I see now I was also meant to come and help her. I'm so proud of her and she is getting ready to take a great vacation to Hawaii. She took us to Hawaii last spring and it was the best family vacation we have ever been on. It helped build her confidence and she hopes to continue the vacation spot every year.

I got a job in the kitchen at Ingelmoor High school. I started as a sub and loved the hours because it allowed me to take the kids to school and pick them up. Its been a great to earn a little extra cash. I do think about how I have so much talent and education that I should be doing so much more but I still struggle with being away from my kids for most of the day. The one thing that has felt absolutely right is being a mom and I'm not quite ready to be full time worker. If I could get paid to be a mom I would be a millionaire. I'm sure in a few years I would be ready to commit to much more.

We are headed to NYC this summer. I will definitely write a post about a fun filled summer vacation with out East Coast family and friends. It's weird to vacation in NY for the first time. I'm excited to be a tourist there for the very first time.